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Newborns Bathing Techniques that Every Mum Should Know

Newborns Bathing Techniques that Every Mum Should Know

Bathing your newborn is a new and beautiful experience, although a little scary especially for new mums. That is why most new mums need help and guidance when it comes to bathing their newborns. This is your full guide on everything you need when it comes to your newborn’s bathing techniques

Bathing your baby yourself is wonderful 

This experience is wonderful for both you and your baby. Here is why. 

– It strengthens the bond between you and your baby. There is no safer place for babies than being in the arms of their parents. While you’re cleaning your little one up, he or she feels the amount of love, care, and attention you are giving them. We recommend new mums to sing or talk to their babies while bathing them. Bath time can provide babies with all the emotions they need to develop. 

– Bathing newborns develops their senses, both physical and emotional. Hearing and sensing the water sounds play an important role in that. Also, you can teach your baby the names of body parts, and with time your baby will be able to tell them apart. 

– Relaxing and calming down are inevitable outcomes after bath time. Many experts recommend bathing babies before bedtime as it helps them to relax. It is also a way to establish a good sleep routine as babies will associate bathing to night time and sleep time. 

Bathing newborns techniques 

Experts recommend avoiding bathing newborns in bath tubs, especially if the umbilical cord is still there. If you had a boy and he was circumcised, you should wait until he is fully healed. During these times, you can clean your baby up using wipes and wet towels. You can use the changing table to do the job.

When to bathe your baby? 

Newborns do not walk or go play, that means they are usually clean. So, when it comes to newborns, we recommend bath time three times a week. In addition, it is best to pick bath time wisely to avoid any crying tantrums. 

Newborns Bathing Techniques Step by Step: 

1| Get everything you need

Make sure to have everything you need to bathe your little one at the reach of your hand. Here is a checklist of bath time necessities: 

  • – A bathtub
  • – Shower gel 
  • – Shampoo 
  • – Loofah 
  • – Robes and towels 
  • – Creams and lotions 
  • – Baby oil 
  • – Clean diapers 
  • – A clean change of clothes

2| Check the water’s temperature

Make sure the water temperature is perfect for your baby. Your child needs to feel warm and cozy so make sure the water is not too cold nor too hot. You can use a bath thermometer to make sure the water is perfect. The best temperature to bathe your baby in is between 25-26 celsius. 

Make sure the water is also enough to cover your baby, but not too much so it wouldn’t bother your little one. 

3| Placing your baby in the tub 

When it comes to newborns bathing techniques, experts suggest placing babies in the bathtub starting with their feet while holding them well. Keep your hands under your baby’s armpits to make things easier. If this is your first, make sure to have someone by your side for help and support. And it is extremely important to never leave the baby alone during bath time. 

There are plenty of bath accessories to make this easier for you. 

4| Clean your baby gently 

Wet your baby’s loofah or cleaning towel with warm water, and gently wash your baby’s body. Don’t over scrub, because your baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. Make sure to reach every spot to perfectly clean your baby. It is best to add a small amount of shower gel and shampoo. 

5| Dry up your baby 

It is important to fully dry your baby up. By doing so, you make sure your baby’s skin will stay soft and smooth. Use a big towel or bath robes to dry your baby’s body and hair. 

6| Massage time! 

After putting on your baby’s diaper, massage your baby’s skin using lotions and oils. The massage should last 3-5 minutes. This step is important because it helps your baby relax and get ready to sleep. 

7| Dress up your baby

Prepare a fresh change of clothes before you start bathing your baby. Make sure to have them at the reach of your hand. Dress your baby after the massage and enjoy those rested beautiful little eyes. 

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