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Outdoor Play: A Guide for Outdoor Season in UAE

Outdoor Play: A Guide for Outdoor Season in UAE

If you live in the GCC region, then you know that the word winter means outdoors. It is a time where the weather is so nice that you want to spend every minute outside. You will want to make the most of it before temperatures start to rise again. During this time, outdoor play is the best activity you can do with your children. Not only does it benefit them physically and mentally, but it also builds up their skills. 

Does outdoor play benefit my child? 

The obvious answer is, of course it does. But how? Outdoor play helps children connect to nature. And that contributes to their milestone development both physically and mentally. When your kids play outdoors, they become: 

  • – Better Learners 

  • Outdoor play helps children develop the skill set they need to become better learners. When they play outdoors, they get in touch with their perceptual skills. Also, it shows them that learning does not happen only inside classrooms
  • – More creative 

  • Outdoor playing enhances children’s creativity. When you children play outdoors, they boost their imagination and creative skill set. In addition, being outdoors makes them interact with many different surroundings which also reflects greatly on their creativity. 
  • – Healthier physically 

  • Getting fresh air helps our little ones grow healthier and happier. When children are outdoors, they move, run, and laugh. And all that contributes to their physical growth. They become more active and their bodies become healthier and stronger. In addition, all that running and playing will help them burn calories and protect them from child obesity which can lead to children’s diabetes
  • – More socially skilled 

  • When you take your children to a park, they tend to meet other kids. This helps them socialize with them without fear or shyness. Also, it will encourage them to play in groups which builds up their skills of making friends. 
  • – Healthier mentally

  • Just as adults, children sometimes need a little freedom. And this is what they get when they are outdoor playing. This makes them feel free and it brightens their moods. Moreover, getting a little sun has great benefits on their mental health. Keep in mind that playing outdoors helps children use up their energies in a positive way. And this will help them focus more on other things like studying, especially if they have ADHD
  • – Independent 

  • As mums, we want to raise independent and reliable children. Outdoor play reflects positively on this. Also, it makes them stronger, builds up their social skills, and teaches them responsibility
  • – Better explorers 

  • Lastly, playing outside increases the child’s curiosity and love for exploring things. Not only do they discover new things in their surroundings, but it can also be a chance for them to invent their own games in a creative manner. Spending time outdoors exploring new things boosts their adventurous spirit and their self esteem. 

How can I encourage my kids to play outdoors? 

Most children love to go out. So, if your children are like that, then you have no problems when you take them outdoors. However, some children refuse to play outdoors. In this case, we recommend keeping those tricks up your sleeve. 

1| Understand why they don’t want to play outdoors

2| Try little bribes. Like taking them for ice cream after playing outside. 

3| Communicate with them to know what they like best when they are outdoor playing. 

4| Plan fun playdates with their friends. This will make it harder for them to refuse. 

5| Set them free. Sure, keep an eye on them to make sure they are safe. But other than that, let them go wild

6| Go outside as a family. This way your children won’t be lonely or have any separation fears. 

7| Make sure they are feeling safe and comfortable during outdoor play. This includes the place, the company, and the clothing. 

Outdoor play is a wonderful time to take a break from electronics

Our children bond to electronics. This can come in handy in certain situations. And their love for electronics and video games can be used to build their skills or school performance. However, we don’t want our children to be glued to their electronics, right? 

That is where outdoor play comes in, and there are a lot of things you can do to make your children less attached to their electronics. Try to recreate their favorite video game and play it in real life. For example, get some balloons and darts to recreate the Bubble Shooter game. To add more fun, fill the balloons with water. 

You can get creative on this and ask your children to help prepare those games to play them outdoors.

Should I let my kids play outside by themselves? 

The answer to this question is one big debate amongst mums. Many mums are afraid of letting their kids play outside alone. And that is completely understandable. However, allowing your children to go play outdoors on their own increases their independence and responsibility. Most experts and mums agree that by the age of 11, children should go out by themselves. 

For sure, there are undeniable fears that might make us refuse the idea of letting our kids go out to play alone. But think of it this way, you need to prepare your children for real life. And putting a negative spin on this is not good for you nor your children. As mums, we need to keep sending out kids positive vibes, even when it is a little hard to. 

The best thing we recommend is to prepare your kids well before setting them out solo. Like teaching them not to talk to strangers or take candy from them. Also, you can get a small smart phone with a tracker to keep a distant eye on your child. This will make this whole experience easier and safer.

Everyone needs outdoor toys! 

Outdoor toys help your little ones have more fun when they are outside. There are plenty of outdoor toys to get for your kids. 

1| Sandboxes 

Bring sandy fun to your children with these fun sandboxes. With these sandboxes, your children will build castles, draw in the sand, and have endless hours of fun.

2| Trampolines

All children love to jump. There is no argument there. Get a trampoline for your backyard and watch your kids having the time of their lives.

3| Water Toys

Your children will always want some water fun. Whether in a park or a pool, they will never say no to getting a little wet. 

4| Ride-Ons

Bikes, wagons, and anything ride-on is super fun for children. This is one of the best outdoor activities for little ones. 

5| Playhouses 

A playhouse helps children become more independent and responsible. Also, role playing helps them become more creative. 

There are also the small outdoor toys that can be there with your kids wherever they go.