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How to Make the Best of the Outdoors Season

How to Make the Best of the Outdoors Season

With all the restrictions and safety protocols, we’re finding less and less places we can go to and actually enjoy ourselves without worrying. But the weather is beautiful, and there’s really no better time to enjoy the outdoors than right now. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, squeezing in some outdoor fun will do wonders for your mental health!

There are so many benefits to spending time outdoors. Aside from getting a change of scenery, and a breath of fresh air, exposing yourself to the sun and getting some much needed Vitamin D can actually make you happier. Vitamin D has been shown to reduce depression, which can be crucial during unprecedented times like these. So get on out there and soak up some sun!

How to make the most of the outdoors

1- Spend more time outside

Take advantage of every chance you can get to spend time outdoors. Grab an afternoon coffee or read a book in your garden if you have one. You can even move your dinners outside for a change of environment! There are some great patio and outdoor furniture options on Mumzworld with cute sets for your kids. Garden breakfasts on the weekend sounds perfect!

2- Go for a Fun Family Picnic

Pack some snacks, a blanket and drive to the nearest park. Or, have it in your own backyard. You can kick things up a notch and plan a backyard camping trip. Your kids will love it!

3- Plan a Beach Day

Even if you feel like it’s getting too cold to swim, plan a beach day. You can spend the afternoons there and maybe watch the sunset. A great idea is to work in some exercise with beach volley or tennis! You’d be surprised how calming and relaxing the beach can be. You’ll definitely come home feeling refreshed! Remember to pack sunscreen whether you’re swimming or not! Work in some exercise with beach volley or tennis! Don’t forget sunscreen.

4- Schedule in Outdoors Playtime

A great way to make sure your kids are getting in their daily dose of Vitamin D is to invest in super fun outdoor toys and play sets. Instead of playing video games or watching TV, get them to choose their pick of outdoor and playground sets, or upgrading their bike! Get them off the couch and outside!

5- Go biking 

Biking is a very healthy and fun exercise. The cycling movement help your little one’s mass muscle to build up and be stronger. Plan a day out only for biking and enjoy the experience with your kids.