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Depression after giving birth to a stillborn

Anonymous posted in Well Being 1 year ago
1 year ago

i have given birth to a stillborn weeek 32, i feel overwhelmed by sadness and almost everything triggers sad emotions i have headaches almost all day and nightmares quite alot even when i nap and i feel stressed all the time, how can i cope with the loss and feel optimistic again?


I am so sorry to hear of your great loss. Dealing with a stillbirth can bring forth an array of difficult emotions and can be a devastating experience, not only for you as the mother, but others who have been there throughout your pregnancy too. Given that I require more information about the duration of time since the stillbirth occurred, I am limited to the suggestions which I can offer here. I would like to encourage you to do the following:
1. Contact The LightHouse Arabia to schedule a free-1 hour-grief consultation with Dr. Ottilia Brown (Clinical Psychologist & grief specialist)
2. Once you have attended the grief consultation, you will be advised whether to attend the online Little Lifetimes Support Group.
3. Be gentle with yourself during this time, and approach your day in blocks of time, tending & nurturing yourself from moment to moment (e.g. make yourself a cup of tea, take warm baths, confide in a trusting friend, take short walks outside, eat wholesome foods, use lavendar pillow spray in the evenings before bedtime, etc.).

The Lighthouse Center mental health and wellness clinic
1 year ago

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