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How to deal with children’s difficult behavior?

Anonymous posted in Well Being 9 months ago
9 months ago

How I can treat my son who is 6years old his behavior is soo hard, in the school always want to go out of the classroom he always makes that he wants to use the bathroom to go out from the class he doesn't listen to the instruction of the teacher always hitting his friends while in the class he doesn't want to participate in the music session and also in the art. As I am a parent how I can change this behavior?


In order to better understand your son’s behaviors, it is important to understand the function. We recommend a school-based screening by a therapist who specializes in behavior management (e.g., OT). From your description, it sounds sensory in nature. It is important to understand if these behaviors are school-specific? Screenings are unstructured observations (play-based) that identify potential difficulties across a child’s motor, sensory, and cognitive skills, determining if further evaluation and intervention are recommended

Dr. Saliha Afridi Clinical Psychologist
9 months ago

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