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Teenage daughter

Anonymous posted in Parenting 1 year ago
1 year ago

What do I do my teenage daughter won’t listen to a thing I say she answeres me back treats me and her dad like age.


1. Limit distractions: remove any distractions to make listening easier (i.e. phones; iPADS; television) – and remember if you ask them to put their phones away, it’s important that you model the same behavior. 2. Be curious: stand in a position of curiosity rather than judgment or knowing. Don’t assume you know why your teenager is feeling angry, worried, sad, etc. Rather ask what it is that makes them feel (insert feeling) or engage in certain behavior. 3. Display open body language: lean in and get down to your teenager’s level (e.g. if they are sitting on the floor, then get down onto the floor yourself). 4. Model active listening: by repeating 2 to 3 words that your teenager has just used in a the sentence, they will feel heard. 5. Spend one-on-one time with your teen: and learn to embrace their world (e.g. If they love playing Minecraft, then ask them to teach you how to play too. Or if they are interested in arts and crafts, sign yourselves up for an art class that you can attend together). 6. Respect their privacy: and practice healthy boundaries whilst still being an authority figure. Resources to help parents: - “The five love languages of teenagers” – Gary Chapman - “How to Talk so Teens will listen and listen so teens will talk” – Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish.

Dr. Saliha Afridi Clinical Psychologist
1 year ago

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