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Rainbow Parfait – Cook with your Kids!

Rainbow Parfait – Cook with your Kids!

Cooking with children offers so many opportunities for real world learning; they explore measurement, safety, recipes and following instructions. This Rainbow Parfait is a super fun and easy recipe to make with your children; it’s healthy, it’s refreshing on a hot day and it’s a perfect opportunity to introduce new fruits. It also doesn’t involve any cooking with heat – so a perfect starter recipe.


– Greek Yoghurt

– some red fruit (I like strawberries)

– blue fruit (blue berry)

– yellow fruit (banana)

– green fruit (kiwi or grapes)

– orange fruit – (passionfruit or mango)

You’ll need:

  • Tall clear glasses
  • Chopping board
  • Child friendly knife (e.g. My Safe Cutter or a Butter Knife)
  • Spoons


  1. Chat with your child and check you have a different fruit for every colour in the rainbow (talk about the importance of eating a rainbow).
  2. Cut up the fruit into small cubes
  3. Put one spoon of yoghurt into the bottom of the glass
  4. Add one coloured fruit layer
  5. Add another spoon of yoghurt
  6. Add a different coloured fruit layer
  7. Continue adding a spoon of yoghurt and then a layer of fruit until the glass is full
  8. Enjoy your rainbow layered treat

Consider asking your child to make Rainbow Parfaits together with you for a special event or guest – this shows them that you value and appreciate their effort and that you support making healthy choices.