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I Generation Kids – How to Parent Them?

Watch Christine, to learn practical tips on how you can promote a healthy relationship with technology and learn how it affects your: Self-identity, The brain, Relationships, and Mental health. Watching this video will help you understand more about parenting the I Generation and why everyone is talking about it.

Parenting I Generation, why are we talking about it? 

Simply put, this is a matter worth discussing because it greatly affects our kids. It all starts with their basic life and social skills. And if we miss important things as they grow up, it can mess with them as adults. Like their social skills and views on relationships. 

We need to talk about this because it is driven by popular culture. Which nowadays can act as a compass for our kids’ lives. Furthermore, pop-culture is not always the best compass our kids can follow. Therefore, they need our full attention and understanding to guide them well. 

Having said that, Christine urges you to treat yourself as a parent with compassion. Because you, and many others like you, are doing their best for their kids. 

How entertainment technology affects our kids? 

First let us be clear, our focus here is entertainment technology. Rather than educational technology. entertainment technology can become quite problematic for children. Like using video games excessively. It can also influence their social skills as all their interactions are happening from behind the screen. 

Moreover, entertainment technology can affect our kids’:

  • – Self identity.
  • – Brain and intelligence.
  • – Relationships.
  • – Mental and physical health. 

What can we, as mums, do about this? 

Here are a few steps to make sure your children are not overly exposed to entertainment technology: 

  • 1| Set limits to exposure. Like half an hour a day for screen time. 
  • 2| Empathize important values.
  • 3| Understand and highlight your kids’ passions and strengths.
  • 4| Engage them in relative and healthy practices. 
  • 5| Listen to your children’s thoughts and feelings with your heart, mind, and ears. 

Finally, here are some media recommendations on exposing children to technology: 

Babies younger than 18 months

Babies at this age should not be exposed to the media at all. Except for video chatting. 

18-24 months 

At this age, you should expose your toddlers to only high quality programs. Not everything that pops up is good enough for them. So, make sure you pick the best of the best for them. 

Children older than 6 years old 

The best advice we can give here is not allowing the media to displace your children’s more important activities. Give them 1 hour of screen time, and make them earn it. For example, by doing their chores or their homework. Make sure it does not distract them from family time, and it does not disturb their sleeping hours. Finally, schedule a time to unplug all devices. 

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