Are You Buying the Correct School Bag for Your Child?

Are You Buying the Correct School Bag for Your Child?

Yes, it’s that time of the year, back to school and the last minute running around getting all your children’s school things ready! Of course, on top of the list is choosing your child’s school bag, but how important is it, to choose the right school bag? As parents, we worry on how much weight kids should be carrying to school, which sparks and reignites the same debate every Back to School season.

Research has shown that school bags without proper back support has caused children to experience back and neck problems, a problem we all don’t want to see in our precious children. The strain caused to their joints from carrying books, lunch boxes, stationary and PE clothing has caused a rise in children experiencing back and neck pains. The British Chiropractic Association has some valuable information on back and neck problem preventions.

Tim Hutchful from the British Chiropractic Association has some advice:

“We recommend a backpack over other styles of bags as it allows the weight of the bag’s contents to be distributed evenly across both shoulders so the spine is not pulled out of line.

Not only is buying the correct school bag for your child really important but ensuring they are using it correctly is just as important.

School Bag Buying Tips

  1. Choose the correct size Buying a backpack that is too big will not even out the weight properly on your child’s back, it will sag and make carrying even more straining to their joints. Plus shoulder straps should be wide and padded as this will help with comfort and support. The Rex London – Llama Mini Backpack is perfect for preschoolers as its extremely lightweight and has a padded back as well as shoulder straps for added comfort.
Rex London - Dolly Llama Mini Backpack

2.Look for good back support – Having good support and ensuring that your children are wearing their school bags correctly is important. Make sure they are using both straps on each shoulder, not using both on one shoulder and it’s adjusted to fit. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons stated that it is much better for parents to ease the carried load on their children, they said parents should pick a backpack with an appropriate size for the kid with padded shoulder straps for more comfort. We recommend the Benbat – GoVinci Backpack  as not only is it perfect for your little artist but also it provides good support with padded and adjustable shoulder straps.

Benbat - GoVinci Backpack - Blue & Green

3.Go for a separate lunch bag – It’s hard not to make their school bags heavy with everything they need to carry. Why not try having a lunch bag they can carry in their hands? Not only will you be free of cramming everything into their backpack, but you will put less strain on their poor little backs. This Petit Collage – Eco Friendly Insulated Lunch Bag is a great choice as its padded carry handle fits into small hands easily.

Petit Collage - Eco Friendly Insulated Lunch Box- Animals

4.Shoes, shoes, shoes! – Yes, good quality shoes are equally as important as good quality bags for proper back support. Having proper shoe support will help with their back posture. Clarks, the school shoe experts have been around for decades and that’s because they make great supportive shoes. An old favourite is the Clarks’ Kids Holbay Go Shoe (Junior).

Clarks - Holbay Go JNR

5.Trolley bags are a great option – Younger children can always use the trolley bags as that would greatly reduce any joint strains. Smily Kiddos – Fancy Trolley Bag is a great bag with good quality wheels and an extendable handle making pulling the bag less strainful.

Smily Kiddos - Unicorn Fancy Trolley Bag - Pink

6.Planners help a lot! – Life can get busy and the truth is, mumz have a lot to remember! Take some time to make sure you empty what isn’t needed inside their backpacks, or try getting your child into a weekly routine of cleaning out their own bags. Weekly planners are always a great reminder for children to stay on track. OHH DEER – A4 Deskpad will help to plan out your day and give you room for your creative flair to let loose! There are also designated areas for a to-do list and any extra miscellaneous notes.

OHH DEER - Moonbeams A4 Deskpad

Take some time to choose a good quality bag that will not only last but will provide your child with the support needed to ensure a healthy back and spine. With many options to choose from at Mumzworld that don’t compromise in quality and design,  you can rest assured that your child will be comfortable, safe and happy!

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