Lunch Boxes, How to Get it Just Right

Lunch Boxes, How to Get it Just Right

It might seem silly to think that choosing the right lunch box is an important decision that you should give some thought too, however as a preschool teacher and a firm believer in healthy living and sustainability I have realised that it is an important choice (Read our article Why Choose Organic). So often children get sent to school, nursery or daycare with lunch boxes that are so frustrating for them and their teacher. The main reasons:

– The child cannot open or close the lunch box by themselves, or it opens too easily and spills in their bag

– Portion control (and the right types of different foods) don’t seem to fit well into the lunch box. (Read our article Keeping Kids Healthy and Hydrated During School Days)

– They are breakable – I never want to see a glass lunch box again, they are dropped easily if little hands are wet and then they shatter everywhere.

– Aren’t environmentally friendly. How many plastic bags and cling film end up in the bin each day? Let’s as mothers, make a conscious choice to stop this.

Never to fear, there are some awesome lunch boxes and options out there! They are perfect for a range of ages, a variety of situations and all teacher approved (and tested). They help children develop independence, keep food securely sealed when closed and are food safe and non-toxic for children (while doing their part for the environment – Read our article Top 7 Must Have Products to Go Zero Waste).

Yumbox makes a wonderful lunch box that is separated into different compartments (4 in total, all different sizes), the tray insert can be removed and changed (while coming in different patterns and colours), and best of all, they are easy to open and close and my favourite part? They seal perfectly, no yoghurt or dip everywhere, the clever design means foods stay in the right compartment and don’t mix together. They also make insulated bags and ice packs that all fit together perfectly.

These wonderful metal snack containers by ECOlunchbox are also a favourite; they are good for snacks on the go because they don’t leak. They are eco-friendly, super hygienic, easy to open and close and are plastic free for those families wanting a plastic alternative.

If you rely on zip-lock bags and plastic when packing snacks and lunch, consider these Snack Bags from Itzy Ritzy, they do the same job as a plastic zip-lock bag but are reusable and machine washable and seal well every time. Using this alternative makes the earth a bit brighter and teaches children about sustainability from a young age.

Living in a part of the world that has such high temperatures it is important to have a good quality drink bottle that your child can access throughout the day — something you can carry around wherever you go without the fear of water leakages. The best two drink bottles I have come across over many years as a preschool teacher are definitely the Thermos or CamelBak varieties. Thermos bottles are stainless steel and insulated to keep the water nice and cold all day; they have an easy to open lid that keeps the straw inside clean and dirt free. Camelbak makes a fun drink bottle that is the perfect size for children to carry around, they have a specially designed leak proof straw and are super easy to clean (pop it all in the dishwasher).

Best of all, all of these wonderful products will last you for years to come and are available in a range of colours and designs.

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