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Screen time Dilemma: Television or Tablets ?

Screen time Dilemma: Television or Tablets ?

Screen time now is an essential part of our children’s life. Especially after the pandemic and having to use those electronics on a daily basis. In general, those electronics are a double-edged weapon. When used correctly, it is very beneficial. But when used recklessly with no supervision, it will have a very bad impact. This impact directly affects a child’s brains, growth, and behavior. Some parents wonder, which is better to offer kids, television or tablets? And what is easier to supervise? You will find the answers here. 

First of all, we need to state something important before answering those questions. The American Academy of Pediatrics urges parents to not expose children under the age of 24 months to elections. As for children older than that and up to 5 years old, they should be allowed one hour only of screen time.

Long periods of time on a television or tablet has its risks

1| Unknown content. 

Using any piece of technology for a long time can have risks. Like exposing children to violence or inappropriate content. 

2| cerebral cortex inactivity

Those long unsupervised periods can cause something called cerebral cortex laziness or inactivity. This happens when we watch tv for a long period of time, so our eyes are fixated on the screen. As a result, the brain gets into a state of laziness and becomes inactive. 

3| Too much screen time can cause illnesses

We always see fast transitions on the screen. Those fast transitions affect our kids’ brains. If a child keeps spending long hours on the screen, he or she might get ADHD. Moreover, those kids will find it harder to concentrate. They will lack attention and be always distracted. 

4| It ruins their imagination. 

Long periods of time on video games or tv affects their childhood and imagination. It ruins it and instead of wanting to explore the world, they would want to be told what the world is like. Which is not good for them as kids. 

5| Finally, it ruins their life skills.

When the children are out playing and exploring. They tend to find solutions for any problem out there. It pushes them to think and get out of their comfort zone. However, when relying on a screen, they will be programmed to just receive information. Rather than find it themselves.

How are a television and tablet alike?

A screen is a screen. And any piece of technology is just that. So, when it comes to watching television or playing on a tablets our children will behave the same: 

  • – Be isolated from the real world.
  • – It will isolate them from their surroundings and family.
  • – They will not move or do any physical activity.

And how are they different? 

Many parents prefer tablets because they offer a chance for children to interact rather than just receive. You can download many educational games on tablets. Those games will urge our kids to think and do some brain activity. Also, they can use it to video call their friends and family members. Finally, they can use it to find information and learn new things. And while all that is great, we should never leave them unsupervised. 

How to supervise my child’s screen time? 

Supervising our children’s screen time is important. And what most parents don’t know, how we supervise it differs depending on how old they are. Here is a full guide on how to supervise your children’s screen time successfully. 

Children from 3 to 8 years old 

When children are still young, we need to be by their side no matter what they do. They should never be left alone. Also, just because they are at this early age doesn’t mean we cannot have a conversation with them. Ask them about how they receive information and messages. Make sure they balance real life and virtual. You can achieve so by assigning chores to them during the day. Furthermore, help them download educational apps and games to keep their brains stimulated. 

Children from 9 to 11 years old

At this age, we need to start setting rules and guidelines for screen time. Parents should let their kids online only when they are completely under supervision. Also, the tablet should be given at certain times. It should not be accessible at all times. 

Kids from 11 to 14 years old

Children around this age might want to get on social media like Instagram or Tik Tok. If you grant that for your kids, make sure to always supervise the content they see on those platforms. We think it is best to have the account under your name and information. This way no strangers will contact your kids unknowingly. 

Teenagers (15-18 years old) 

Finally, things might be a little complex with teenagers. As kids are maturing at this age, but still not enough to not supervise them fully. We need to always have a conversation with them about their interests and education. And discuss how to balance their online life with their real one. 


In other words, always include yourself in your kids’ life no matter how old they are. This way you will be able to protect them without suffocating them!