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How to Survive a GCC Road Trip with a Toddler

How to Survive a GCC Road Trip with a Toddler

Planning a GCC road trip with a toddler can be a daunting task. The trip itself can become stressful and exhausting if you are not prepared beforehand for your kid’s needs during the trip. A toddler is not the one to sit still and above that, belted in a car seat for hours on end is not a very appealing idea to him. Besides, a toddler craves for your attention and will throw tantrums if you don’t come prepared to handle just such a situation. But worry not! In this guest post by ServiceMarket, we have some handy tips just for you to ensure that you have a smooth ride with your child.

GCC road trips are super fun. Where ever you go, you will find plenty to do on the road and at your destination. We definitely recommend you start planning one for this summer, especially if you are not planning a trip outside of your country. We bet that both and your family are in a need of a new adventure especially after the long pandemic!

Here are some tips and tricks when planning a GCC road trip

Safety is important

Before starting the trip make sure your install your child’s seat  properly. Belts are okay and seat itself is comfortable. As you are making this trip in one of the warmest regions make sure to pack plenty of water. A first-aid kit is essential. Also, remember to take along a flashlight and basic car safety equipment.

Drive at night

There are three main reasons why we suggest that you drive at night whenever you can during your road trip. First, the GCC region is very warm with a bright hot sun constantly shining overhead which can disturb your kid. Second, night time is sleep time so your kid can sleep through the driving time without crying. Third, since you would have had your dinner and fed your toddler at night, the only time you will have to stop driving is to use the washroom or fill your car tank. This not only saves time, but your kid will sleep undisturbed and you can drive in peace.

Bring new toys

For the times you are not able to travel at night, bring along a lot of new toys for your little one. Old toys will bore him quickly but new toys will peak the curiosity, and will keep him busy and distracted from the fact that he is belted in a car seat.

Put on cartoons

If your car is equipped with a functional DVD player and even if you don’t allow your kids to watch too much TV or movies at home, consider bringing along a few favorite cartoons or kids movies. This will keep your child busy plus he will enjoy the trip more – continuously watching monotonous scenery of sandy deserts passing by can become quite tiring

Comfortable clothes

If you are travelling at night, we strongly suggest that you put your kid in his sleeping clothes. It will not only make him comfortable, but also habitually prepare him for his nap. Even if it is a day trip, comfortable loose clothes will help your kid relax.

Bring snacks and drinks for your toddler

Before you leave, make sure to fill a bag with different snacks, both salty and sweet. Also remember to bring along various drinks. As a toddler can be picky, make sure your kid has a variety of snacks and drinks to pick from. These snacks should include some of his favorites, and some new ones for him to try.

Prepare for potty emergencies

If your child is not potty trained or is in the transitional phase of training, bring lot of diapers and wipes along. Even if your kid is fully potty trained consider bringing along a travel potty for trip as you might not find restroom in a jiffy when the need arises. It will be better if you have a changing station in the car too. That will save time looking for restrooms and petrol pumps to do the needful.

Car sunshades

GCC countries have enough sunlight dancing off the surrounding sandy desert to make your eyes hurt. If you are travelling during the daytime sunshades are essential. Side shades can keep the glare of the sun down and make your kid’s environment in the back seat more comfortable which in turn will make him less likely to throw a tantrum.

Travel with a nanny

If you are going on a road trip with multiple children, consider hiring a nanny from a nanny agency in Dubai to go with you. It is okay to get help with the kids while on vacation. After all, a vacation is supposed to be time when you can relax and enjoy the places you are visiting. Even if you just have one toddler, you can still hire a nanny to take care of him if you want a less family focused and more partner focused road trip.

Don’t know where to look for a nanny? Browse Dubai nanny and babysitting agencies on ServiceMarket.