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Things that get better in a Marriage after having a Baby

Things that get better in a Marriage after having a Baby

As you and your partner transition from being a couple into parenthood, your marriage is due to change. It’s not optional, and it’s not a bad thing. It simply just happens.

In the pre-kids era, you were free to decide how to spend your time and money, you got heaps more sleep, and there was a lot less to worry about. Yes, your relationship still may have had its ups and downs, but the downs seemed significantly more manageable— most likely because you had more capacity to handle stress.

Building a family together with that special someone of yours, however, is lined with unforgettable moments. As new parents, you will be far more inclined to craft a family culture of unique traditions and rituals.  While that may not seem like a big deal in comparison to everything you think you will be giving up, in the long run, it truly is. Your family traditions and rituals can shape your married life by providing the structure necessary for both the present and the future. The new family traditions will enhance the connection in your relationship. 

Your baby’s first months are full of firsts – both for the child and you. Take the time to notice and value your partner in his or her new role. Whether he’s changing a diaper or she’s nursing, these new nurturing roles have a way of opening up parents’ eyes and many often say they’ve fallen in love all over again.

Remember that you’re on the same team. Whether it is the husband filling in at home so his wife can go out for a mani-pedi, or the wife is up for a late-night feeding so the husband can sleep before an early work meeting, the end goal is to help each other and make a healthy, happy family unit. That involves a lot of ‘give and take’, but countless happy couples will tell you that it’s well worth it.

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