15 Crazy Hair Day ideas

15 Crazy Hair Day ideas

One of my favourite special days at school is ‘Crazy Hair Day’, I am always blown away by how creative some of the ideas are and how nifty some parents are. Some ideas take a lot of preparation and time and others can be whipped up the night before – there’s an idea out there for everyone.

Here are 15 of my favourite ideas (a mix of easy and more complex):

–  Wig it up – this is one of the super easy options – while still being super effective. Simply order a wig from Mumzworld, pop it on their head and send them to school.

–  Spider web – using lots of hair spray, tease your child’s hair until it’s thicker and webbed, pull apart some white cotton balls and tuck them into your child’s hair before adding plastic spiders.

–  Polka dots – if you have short hair, this is super easy to prepare for, if your hair is longer, simply tie it back neatly in a bun. Then using a selection of different coloured hair spray, add polka dots all over. You could choose to spray paint a different pattern if you wanted, but polka dots seem that bit more crazy.

–  Doughnut on a plate – this is perfect for someone with longer hair. Pop your hair in a perfect circular bun on the top of your head and secure it with hairpins. Cut a hole out of the middle of a plastic plate and a slit down one side. Slide the plate so it sits at the base of the bun. Use hair chalk to decorate the top of your bun to create a doughnut look (or add hair gel with sprinkles on top).

–  Jest it away – this is another easy one for a busy mum to organise, simply order this Jester Hat, tuck your child’s hair up inside and send them on their way. The hat is definitely crazy and your child will definitely fit in with the theme of the day.

–  Surfs up – this is always a favourite each year, using extra-strong hair gel, form a wave in your child’s hair – for shorter hair, push it over to the side and up, for longer hair, curl it over itself until it looks a bit more wave-like. Let the gel dry before coating the hair with blue hair spray. Add some plastic sea creates or a tiny surfboard for extra effect.

–  Unicorn – unicorns are very popular right now, so why not create a unicorn for this special day? Start with a unicorn headband, plait your child’s hair incorporating the ribbons from the headband. Add some glitter and be on your way.

–  Short or long? This is a fun one for people with shorter hair. Order a range of these hair extensions in different colours, clip them in and confuse people with your crazy different hair lengths and colours!

–  A thousand ponytails – using lots of hairbands, create as many little ponytails all over your child’s head as you can.

–  Hop along – turn your child’s hair into a cute little bunny! Using talcum powder, coat their hair until it’s a nice shade of white. Add these cute bunny ear clips on top. If your child has long hair, create a low bun and using a bobby pin, secure a cotton wool ball in the middle of the bun (like a tail).

–  Crimp it – no matter what length hair you have, adding colourful crimped hair clips will definitely create a crazy look. These clips are so much fun and look super crazy (the more you add, the crazier it looks).

–  Silly stringing along – another easy one for any hair length, simply pop by your closest party store, buy a can of silly string spray, and get to work covering as much hair as you like.

–  Curly whirly – another easy and quick hairstyle for long hair. Simply pop their hair into a ponytail, get some pipe cleaners and curl them into a spring before attaching them to another hair tie. Pop the decorated hair tie over your ponytail for a curly whacky look.

–  Stickerholic – another easy style of any length hair. Simply coat hair with a good layer of hair spray, then cover the hair with an assortment of stickers. You could choose a theme of stickers or mix it up to add another level of ‘crazy’

–  Tutu terrific – did you know a simple tutu can be a handy prop when it comes to crazy hair day? Simply pop it over your head like a headband or crown (so the skirt part is sticking out over the top of your head) and enjoy the crazy style.

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