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Top 10 Best Baby Bottles Chosen By Mums in Dubai

Top 10 Best Baby Bottles Chosen By Mums in Dubai

Using feeding bottles in the first year is one of the essentials when having a baby. Whether you’re pumping milk or using formula, you need the best bottle for your baby. And the options out there are so many; glass bottles, plastic, and anti colic. This all can be very confusing. Breast milk is the best option for your baby, but even if you are using formula, you need a good feeding bottle. That is why we prepared a guide for you including the top 10 baby bottles chosen by the mums in Dubai. 

If you are a new mum, you will know that breastfeeding is not always an option. Whether you are a working mum, a busy mum, or simply going out and you lack privacy to breastfeed. That is why it is important to know the best baby bottle to choose for your baby. 

How to choose the best feeding bottle for your baby? 

1| The bottle’s nipple

For every stage of your baby’s growth, there is a different bottle nipple. The main difference is usually the amount of milk flow that the bottle nipple allows. This depends on your child’s ability to drink and swallow. It is important to choose a bottle that suits your baby’s strength to feed. 

Also, keep in mind the nipple’s material when choosing a bottle that its nipple when you choose a bottle. Bottle nipples made of silicon are usually the best. Finally, if you are breastfeeding and bottle feeding at the same time, pick one that is closer to nature. 

2| Anti colic bottles

Although the main cause of colic is not easy to know, picking an anti colic bottle helps avoid it. Those bottles maintain a steady stream of milk without leaving air bubbles that your newborn might swallow. This absolutely protects your baby from colic or being gassy. 

3| The material: glass or plastic feeding bottles? 

Always make sure to pick a feeding bottle that is safe to use. If you go with a plastic feeding bottle, make sure it is BPA free and has no chemicals used when making it. Those chemicals and materials are harmful for your baby’s body.

Top 10 Best Baby Bottles Chosen By Mums in Dubai

1| Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bottle, 150ml – Clear

Tommee Tippee always provides products that are indeed closer to nature. This feeding bottle is designed with a unique, easy-latch-on teat shape. Breastfeeding experts created a bottle that mimics the natural flex, stretch and movement of a mum’s breast. This bottle’s sensitive valve encourages your baby’s intuitive feeding action for comfortable, relaxed feeding. It is also BPA-free and super easy to hold.

2| Dr. Browns Glass Baby Bottle 2oz

Dr. Brown’s glass baby bottles include zero bisphenol-A, as it is PVC, lead and phthalates free. It works perfectly in preserving the nutrition and vitamins your baby needs like vitamin C, A, and E. This glass bottle is vacuum-free, meaning there is no air flow while feeding. The positive-pressure flow prevents colic, spit up, and gas. Air never mixes with the breastmilk or formula which minimizes oxidation and helps preserve essential nutrients.

3| Philips Avent Natural 2.0 Bottle 125Ml X2

A natural bottle, designed with an ultra soft teat which resembles the mum’s breast. It is wide, flexible, and features comfort petals which allows natural latch on and makes it easy for combined feedings. This polypropylene bottle with a silicone teat is BPA free, easy to hold, clean and assemble.

4| NUK – First Choice+ Baby Bottle 150ml 0-6m – Green

This anti colic bottle is made specially for newborns up to the age of 6 months old. It is perfect for mixing between bottle feeding and breastfeeding. What makes this baby bottle so unique is that it features a temperature control indicator. This shows you whether the milk within the bottle is too hot or too cold. It is also improved with an anti colic air system.

5| Comotomo – Natural Feel Baby Bottle – Green

Help your baby transition easily from breastfeeding to bottle feeding with Comotomo’s baby bottles. It is designed similarly to mimic natural breastfeeding, and the teats are made of high quality silicon. It is very easy to clean and to hold. In addition, this bottle can be slightly squeezed to help your baby feed.

6| Playtex – VentAire Bottle 9oz

Switching from breastfeeding to bottle feeding has never been easier. It promotes that through the its design which mimics the breast to help your baby latch on naturally. Many pediatricians recommend Playtex’s bottle as it a special angled design which helps to prevent ear infections. It also provides complete tummy comfort for your baby as it is an anti colic bottle as well.

7| Pigeon – Feeding Bottle 50ml W/ Transparent Cap – Blue

Build your baby’s independent eating habits with Pigeon’s feeding bottle. The bottle’s design encourages the baby’s tongue movement in a peristaltic motion, which strengthens the tongue muscle. This reinforced movement also ensures maximum development of baby’s facial and jaw muscles. Furthermore, the unique air ventilation system this bottle features allows minimum air intake. Finally, the nipple can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the flow of milk accompanying your baby from birth until you move to introducing solids.

8| Nuby – Training bottle With Wide Neck 240ml – Blue

Nuby introduces the wide neck training bottle for babies from the age of 3 and above. This training bottle helps babies learn how to drink by themselves as they get older. It eases the transition from bottle to cup. You don’t have to worry about any juice spilling as it features a no-spill spout. This bottle also includes a hygienic cover which protects the spout any dirt. Newborns and babies can control the milk’s flow rate with this bottle through the special Vari-Flo system it features.

9| Medela – Breastmilk Bottles 150ml 3pc

Medela’s breastmilk bottles are a top favorite by all mums in Dubai, and doctors too! This brand is an multi-award winning for offering the best breastfeeding accessories. Those bottles are perfectly compatible with Medela’s breast pumps. The baby bottles are both dishwasher and microwave safe, making your lift a whole lot easier. They are also equipped with leak proof caps to prevents any spilling hazards.

10| Chicco – Well-Being Slow Flow Glass Bottle 240ml – Pink

A perfect glass feeding bottle that allows slow flow to help babies feed from their first month and as they grow. It is made with high quality borosilicate glass which is both hygienic and safe. The material is resistant to thermal shock and heat too. This means that it is very suitable for dishwashers and sterilizers. Chicco’s bottle offers a natural and relaxing feeding experience for newborns. And the bottle’s silicon nipple adapts naturally to the baby’s mouth in order to mimic natural sucking. This pink Chicco feeding bottle also comes in blue.

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