9 Christmas Books Your Little One Will Thank You For

9 Christmas Books Your Little One Will Thank You For

There are plenty of books to share – exquisite stories, treasure hunts and activities that engage the young mind. Make it a Christmas tradition to recite new stories year on year. There is no better to bond and build family values.

Sharing books with your children is a fundamental part of supporting them while they learn to read. And Christmas stories hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. Time spent discovering the magic of literature together is always time well spent. Unlike a movie, books encourage conversations between you and your children and help them build new impressions. So, take a step back from the frenzied period of activity as you prepare for the holidays. Take the time to savor the important aspects of the season with the ones you love most. You will be amazed by how deeply touched your child will be by the timeless themes of sharing and giving.

Igloo Books Christmas Magic

This heartfelt story is told from the viewpoint of a little girl. It will spark some of the feelings about the true meaning of Christmas in your own child. The beautiful illustrations will charm every viewer. We all need to be reminded of the awe that Christmas inspires, and this delightful book does exactly that.

A Christmas Journey

Brian Wildsmith is renowned for his illustrations, as well as the poignancy of his stories. In this tale, he takes a new perspective on the old themes of Christmas. Mary and Joseph begin their journey, but have to leave their pets behind. In desperation, the pets decide to follow their family members to Bethlehem. At the end of the story, all are reunited, just in time for the birth of the child.

Usborne Books – That’s Not My Elf Board Book

Time to go on a search for an elf. This tale has been shared worldwide, delighting everyone who takes the time to share the experience with their kids. Your children will be so enthralled with the search that they will request to read the story over and over again. Peals of laughter will accompany the reading as each elf is discovered one by one.

1001 Things to Find at Christmas

Kids love a treasure hunt, and this book sets up challenges on every page, including the cover! When the going gets tough, they will insist on calling for help to search for all of the hidden pictures. Before long, most of the family will be engaged in the search as well. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Pick up the book the next day, and the search is on again in earnest. Upon each viewing of the page, you and your kids will find new and exciting things to be discovered. Everyone will be asking for their turn to find some of the 1001 things in the book.


Two Little Boys Christmas Activity Book

The world can certainly be a boring place for a child traveling from place to place in a car during the holiday season. And for active boys, this time can be especially unbearable. Try out this book, designed especially for overactive young boys. There are 22 pages of activities, including word games, coloring, holiday fun and silly interactions. And they’ll naturally be thrilled by the title: Something to keep you happy when the grown-ups are being really boring. For more gifts ideas for boys read NEWEST COLLECTION OF CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR 5-12 YEARS OLD BOYS

Usborne Books Christmas Doodles

There are more to books than just stories. That little artist in your life will love to embellish the doodles in this book. And what they’ll love even more is that each page can be wiped completely clean to start again! So, take a photo of the most skillfully completed picture and then start all over again. Or pass the book on to a cousin or friend to enjoy. Who can make the funniest drawing? What can you add to turn the doodle into a Christmas surprise? This book will be fun for all ages, from the kids to the grandpas.

Oxford – Pocket’s Christmas Wish Pb

This lovely story of a little bunny searching for the true meaning of Christmas will warm the hearts of the young and old. Pocket sets out on a journey of discovery, experiencing the various sights, smells, tastes, and sounds of Christmas. In the end, a wood mouse helps him understand the nature of giving. The charming illustrations will captivate you and your kids’ attention, while the words weave a magical tale. They’ll be asking to hear this one again and again.

Igloo Books Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas is a well-known rhyming story that has lasted through the ages. Now it is time to share its charm with your children. Once they are familiar with the story, they will delight in shouting out the rhyming words as you read the story aloud. “When all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a _____.  Another engaging part of the experience is discovering the sounds embedded in the story.

Igloo Books Astrosaurs 11 The Claws Of Christmas

When was the last time you had your funny bone tickled? Well, get ready for laughter when you read this story of high adventure with a crew of scary dinosaurs. Who would have thought that Christmas could be so dangerous? Will everyone live to the end of the story? Who will save the day? This twisted tale will amuse and entertain from start to finish.

Add several new ones each year until you have a collection of tales that can be passed on from the older children to the young – even as your family broadens to include friends, cousins, and maybe grandchildren. Books are a fantastic way to develop enjoyable family traditions at Christmas time.

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