It’s Christmas again!  Your baby has turned into a naughty toddler now. Loving Santa with a sack full of gifts will sneak in again. Yes you have told your little one all about this wish granting old man. And he is already into his gift-list for the Santa. But what have you decided to gift your kid? Toys toys and toys, right? Toys that will help develop your child’s motor skill. Toys that will make your kid sharper. Toys that will instill in him a sense of responsibility. Toys that will enhance his hidden talents. Toys that will build him up intellectually and creatively. Here’s a long list of cool Christmas gifts for 2-4 years old. Have a look!

Is your kid the next Picasso? Does he use walls as a canvas – a free art exhibition for all you lot? Colors make his fingers shake with excitement. It’s about time you gift your bundle of joy with this Tote that conveniently rolls into a coloring map. This will make your kid jump with joy! It has a drawing pad, markers, paints, paint brushes- you name it and it’s there.  This is by far one of the best Christmas gifts for 2-4 years old.   The coloring map is big enough to let your kid unleash his over pouring talents. What’s best about this? It provides a mess-free coloring. The color doesn’t stay on skin, fabric or furnitures or walls. Yes, really! Because masterpieces are meant to be on pages not on other things.

All his life your baby has been driving in your car in the baby seat. But now the tables have turned. Now he is on the driving seat and you are the remote controller. Now he gets to enjoy the thrill of driving and you be the spectator. This Land Rover comes in an attractive metallic red color. It has spring breaks for back tyres, safety seat belt, opening doors, MP3 connectivity. It has working LED lights, and an easy remote-control forward and reverse gear. The car is safe in every way for your kid. For once let him be in charge of his life. Isn’t it one of the coolest Christmas gifts for 2-4 years old?

Doing Maths had never been this interesting a session. This robot-shaped abacus is bright and colorful. And it has fifty beads and  three colorful spinning gears with numbers on it. Help your kid learn how to count up to 50 for the starters. Move on to higher levels such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication using creative examples. Hone your kid’s brain and instill in him a love for mathematics.

Playing house had never before been this realistic. This Savannah Dollhouse is bound to make kids cry out of thrill. Breaking those stereotyped thoughts this dollhouse is a great gift for kids of all gender. Role playing makes use of imagination. This three level wooden house features as many as 13 furnitures, including a canopy bed and a dining set. Made up of wood for durability and plastic staircases, this dollhouse is big enough to involve many children.

Kids grow up looking at their parents closely. So if you ask them, “What do you want to become when you grow up? ” and they answer, “I want to be like my mom “, don’t be surprised. Kids tend to catch up on their parent’s activities. Most often they’d like to assist you with your chores. That makes them feel important and grown up. Instill in your child a sense of responsibility by gifting them this kitchen set featuring wooden cooking accessories, an oven, a washing machine,  a sink and some click and turn dials. This kitchen set might create a would be Master Chef, who knows? Perfect for role playing and incentive keeping away from the real kitchen.

There is music in every child. The teacher’s job is to find it and nurture it. This elegant Deluxe Grand, white real 30 key electric piano will help your child explore the wonders of music and create his own tune. Mastering it is going to be a big plus for your child as he grows up. Music can help him in many ways. It can be his way of expressing emotions. It can be his favourite go-to person on days when he is away from you. Every key he plays will remind your child of you..

This super plush super soft adorable mermaid tale blanket with minky dot embellishments around the top is the cutest warmer for your baby’s soft pudgy feet. Made from premium double sided soft minky, its fabric features a gorgeously sewn mermaid tale. Perfect for your little beautiful princess. With winters around the corner this blanket is a perfect gift for your munchkin.

This Safari track broadens your children’s imaginative power. Using their imagination they can build endless tracks and have fun. This enhances their intellectual and social skills. Made up of sustainable rubber wood, this Wonderland Thailand Safari track makes for an enjoyable and safe play. Your kid can come up with never-ending designs with this wooden trix track. It has an easy lock-system which keeps their creation stable while they are lost in their maze. This eco friendly product is the best gift this christmas season.

Connect this Press n’ play projector with your smart device, unlock your favourite character and see it come to life on the big screen. Bedtime stories get all the more exciting as the characters move on the screen while you read the story alongside. This projector helps your children have a happy sleep while their imagination plays inside their heads weaving sweet dreams. These gifts are the best Christmas gifts for kids aged two-four years old.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Surprise your little ones with all these interesting fun toys and gadgets.


Have a Merry Christmas with these awesome gifts for your baby.

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