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True or False? Six Common Pregnancy Myths Exposed!

True or False? Six Common Pregnancy Myths Exposed!

Don’t rub your pregnant belly – your baby will be demanding and spoilt!!

When you’re pregnant, you tend to get a lot of advice from well-meaning people. Unfortunately, a lot of these are outdated myths, and quite frankly, a little bit ridiculous! Let’s check out a few of the most common ones:

1. Certain foods can give your child allergies or traits

This is one of the most contradictory topics. For example, one person will tell you not to eat peanuts or dairy because it will cause your baby to have allergies, whereas another will tell you to eat them both in abundance, to help the baby develop a tolerance! Consult your midwife for a full list of appropriate foods to avoid during pregnancy. (But just for the record, pineapple will not cause a miscarriage, spicy food will not cause the baby to be born with a bad temper, and too many oranges will not cause your infant to have an orange glow).

2. There are special ways to tell if you’re having a boy or a girl

Friends and family might claim they know exactly what sex your baby is going to be, from the way you’re carrying your baby, how active the baby is, if you’re craving savoury or sweet food, or how sick you are feeling. They may even offer to hold a wedding ring over your belly and see if it turns or swings. We wouldn’t recommend decorating your nursery based on any of these predictions. The only way you can find out the sex of your baby is via an ultrasound.

3. You need to eat for two

Ooooh – cakes! One for me, one for the baby. A second helping of pasta? Yes please … the baby needs it! In short …. no, it doesn’t. A lot of women fall into the trap of thinking that they need to eat enough for two, whereas overeating can actually be quite harmful to both you and the baby.

4. You will experience strange cravings

In the movies, pregnant women always experienced cravings for pickles and ice cream. This is a popular myth, though in actual fact, many women will not crave anything unusual at all. Cravings are triggered by hormonal changes in your body, as well as changes in blood sugar level.

5. You shouldn’t exercise whilst pregnant

Whilst lying down for nine months sounds tempting, it’s healthy to stay active. If your pregnancy has no complications, it is usually safe to continue with the same exercise that you did before, as long as you avoid contact sport, or activities with high fall risks, or altitude. Always ensure you do classes with an instructor who is trained to teach pregnant women. You can even look stylish while you do it – check out our Kate Fitness Pants from Spring!

6. Morning sickness only occurs in the morning

Sadly, this too is a myth. Morning sickness during pregnancy can occur at any time of day, as a result of hormonal changes. In some cases, it can be severe.

There you have it; a few common myths debunked! If you feel unsure or worried, talk to your midwife! (That’s a fact!)