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What to Expect during Your First Trimester?

What to Expect during Your First Trimester?

The journey of motherhood begins with getting pregnant! It is one of the most exciting and changing experiences in the life of every mother. It is also the time when your body starts changings to prepare for your baby. This nine months journey has 3 main phases: the first, second and third trimesters. Every trimester comes with different expectations that you should know. When you are fully aware of what is going on in your body, it will help you adapt better and prepare better. Here is everything you need to know about your first trimester. 

What to Expect during Your First Trimester? 

Breast swelling and tenderness

During your first trimester, your body will start to prepare for your baby. This includes your breasts. The hormones on your body will prepare your body for the secretion of milk to feed your baby. This change will be highlighted in the first weeks of your pregnancy. It might make you feel a little irritated because of the breast swelling and tenderness that you will face. The best way to deal with this is to wear comfortable pregnancy bras to reduce this irritation. 

Vaginal discharge and itching

At the beginning of pregnancy, vaginal discharges will be white colored. Studies show that 25% of women also have some slight bleeding as well. This is entirely normal and expected unless it is followed with pains in the back or stomach. In this case, we recommend seeing a doctor about those pains. It is also important to consult your doctor if the discharges are multicolored or accompanied with severe stomachaches. 

First trimester constipation 

Most mums experience constipation during their first trimester. This is due to the decrease of bowel contractions which slows down the process of getting food out of your system. The previous happens because when you are pregnant, progesterone hormone increases within your body. In addition, the iron that is within pregnancy vitamins might make you feel bloated or constipated. Drinking a lot of water and eating foods filled with fibers will help you with this. Also, walking helps a lot with constipation. 


Your body is preparing a lot to care for your baby during pregnancy and after, and this will make you feel tired and exhausted. Your body will be working double to care for and protect both you and your baby. Make sure to get enough rest and sleep whenever possible. Also, take the vitamins and supplements that your doctor recommends and always eat healthy. 

Hating some foods while craving others 

This is the most common thing that pregnant mums face. Suddenly you start hating your favorite food, and craving foods you never thought of. 60% of mums out there experience this during their first trimester. Do not starve yourself, and eat whatever you crave in moderation. 

Your always in need to go to the bathroom

Although your unborn baby is still a little fetus, your uterus is growing and getting bigger. This growth will create pressure on your bladder, which will make you visit the restroom more often. Make sure to stay hydrated, and avoid caffeinated beverages. 

Acidity or heartburn in the first trimester

Progesterone hormone works on relaxing your body’s muscles. This includes the muscles surrounding your gullet, which will push the acid out of your stomach. To avoid this and reduce the irritation, we recommend snacking throughout the day. Also, avoid foods that contain a lot of spices or fats because they increase the acidity within the body. 

First trimester nausea 

Almost 85% of pregnant mums experience nausea and vomiting during their pregnancy. Sometimes it would last during your first trimester, and sometimes even longer. The change of hormones within your body causes that. To reduce morning sickness and pregnancy nausea, we recommend eating multiple snacks throughout the day. Make sure these snacks are high in protein. In case the vomiting is frequent that you cannot hold food in your stomach, we highly suggest you consult with your doctor. 

Mood swings

When you are pregnant, you will be exhausted most of the time. This, in addition to the hormonal change your body is going through, will make you ride an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you would be fine and happy, and the next you would feel sad and angry. This is normal. Do not overstress it and make sure to deal with it. Do not bottle your feelings up and find someone to talk to and share what you are going through like a friend, your sister, or mother.