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10 Things to Avoid During Postpartum

10 Things to Avoid During Postpartum

Congratulations! You just had your baby and you couldn’t be happier. Happier, but a little exhausted for sure. That is why during postpartum it is so important to care for yourself to be able to care for your baby. Going through postpartum means physical and hormonal changes. That is why there are a few things to avoid during this time to maintain your health and strength. 

There are a couple of things that every mum must avoid during their postpartum. Avoiding them and following certain routines will get your body strong and back on track in no time. 

Things to avoid during postpartum

1| Not getting enough rest

Every mum needs a good amount of rest and sleep during their postpartum period. It is important to avoid tasks that might stress or strain you. We recommend asking for help whenever you need, whether from your spouse, family member, or housekeeper. Furthermore, you should care for your body’s health. For example, avoid carrying heavy objects that will drain your energy and put extra load on your back. 

This extra load will slow your body down to regain its strength after labor. Getting enough amounts of sleep will boost your blood circulation and give your body time to heal. 

However, this does not mean to stay put and not move at all. Strengthening your body requires a small amount of movement and light exercises. Not only will this keep you healthy physically, but it will do wonders for your mental health as well. 

2| Direct exposure to cold air

During postpartum, your immunity would be weaker than ever. At this time, risks of getting sick are higher. You must completely avoid getting exposed directly to cold air. That is because you might catch a cold, flu, experience headaches or stomach aches which will not help your body recover after delivering your baby. 

Make sure to dress warmly at all times, even if it is summer time. Try not to turn on your cool air conditioning for long periods of time. Also, socks are great to keep your body warm and cozy. 

3| Following a strict diet 

A common mistake amongst new mums is that they keep overthinking about losing their pregnancy weight. Your postpartum period is not the time for that. At this time, you need to make up for the vitamins and supplements that your body needs to recover. In addition, breastfeeding requires you to eat healthy, around 500 calories, to be able to breastfeed your newborn. So, at this time, avoid obsessing over weight loss and think about healthy nourishment for both you and your newborn baby. 

4| Exercising harshly 

One of the most important things to avoid during postpartum is exercising excessively. Your body is still adapting, and your muscles are in need for rest. If you want to workout, then you should start gradually. Start by taking light strolls, and after a couple weeks, start doing 15 minute workouts without over exhausting your body. The best thing to do is to always consult your doctor and set up a plan that does not reflect badly on your health. 

5| Crowded places 

Being in crowded places might put you at risk of catching a virus. At this time your body is still healing and you need to protect it from any viruses, germs, or bacteria. 

6| Excessive anxiety and stress

It is normal to experience mood swings and shifts during postpartum. Your body is still going through hormonal changes that will influence how you feel. You might feel a little depressed and find yourself crying over the slightest issue. We recommend trying your best to stay calm and avoid anything that would cause conflict, stress, or anxiety. 

Many experts recommend mums to get in touch with themselves and understand their mood swings and unstable emotions. This is important as it also protects new mums from PTSD. 

7| Unhealthy foods 

A healthy and balanced diet during postpartum is extremely important. There are certain foods and drinks that you should avoid such as:

  • – Caffeine – it is best to replace it with herbal tea which is more calming and healthy.
  • – Pickles – the salt creates fluid retention which causes swelling in the body, especially the feet. 
  • – Fast foods which contain high amounts of fats and oils. 
  • – Foods that cause bloating such as cauliflower and some types of legumes.
  • – Spices – because they might affect your breast milk.

Eating healthy after delivering your baby helps your body recover faster. It also prevents constipation. 

8| Cold drinks 

You really should keep your body warm at this time to help it heal faster. Drinking cold or iced drinks can cause stomach aches and other side effects.

9| Not showering 

A common misbelief amongst new mums is that showering will slow down your healing after delivering a baby. However, it is very important to care for your personal hygiene during this time. And to avoid colds and headaches, make sure to stay warm after showering and avoid cold places. 

Furthermore, make sure to wash your breasts thoroughly before breastfeeding and use numbing creams to avoid any pains. 

10| Medications and painkillers  

Many experts believe that taking a lot of medication and painkillers will not reduce pain and tiredness, but rather do the opposite. Some medications can reflect negatively on your body during postpartum, so do not use them more than what your doctor recommends. Also, keep consulting your doctor to keep both you and your newborn baby safe and healthy.