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3 Top Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Seat

3 Top Things to Consider Before Buying a Car Seat

This is one of the most challenging things parents encounter as they progress with their newly born child in life from the moment they step out of that hospital door. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Given below are three of the essential features you need to look into when buying a car seat. 

1| The Type

When buying a car seat, you must consider the type. It all depends on your child age upon purchasing your first car seat. Car seat requirements differ based on your child’s age and weight to ensure their safety. Convertibles are very popular because they are suitable for newborns and till your child reaches the age of 4. Use the rearward-facing seat from birth to 9kg (around 12 months) depending on the model; then use forward-facing once your child can sit up independently , from 9kg to 18kg (approximately 12 months to four years). Rearward-facing seats offer better protection for the baby’s head, neck and spine from birth up to 18kg. It’s definitely worth the investment.

 For older kids between the ages of 4 till 12 years (18 kg to 36 kg) boosters are highly recommended. These lightweight, backless portable seats raise your child to adult seat belt level. In addition, your child has assured a comfy ride thanks to the padded seat and armrests.


2| The Quality

By quality, we mean durability. It’s worth a good investment, especially if you have siblings a couple of years apart. How quick and flexible it is to install says a lot about its durability. Consider the material too, It has to be comfortable enough for your baby, and somewhat heat resistant. Summer is the time for heat rashes especially from sweaty sensitive skin coming into prolonged contact with the car seat fabric. Some children are also more susceptible than others because they sweat more or have more sensitive skin. Therefore, You might want to choose a car seat with a lighter colour, as dark fabrics will absorb more heat than a light-colored fabric. It can also help avoid “wipe-down” type fabrics, which are more likely to make your child sweat. Some car seats come with interchangeable covers, so you have the option of changing the materials based on seasons. 


3| The Installation 

When considering the safety of a car seat, make sure it is correctly fixed to the center to avoid any fall-offs. In case of an abrupt stop or accident. Many parents fail to read both the car seat instruction manual and their vehicle manual. Make sure you do your research before installing; installing a car seat is hard enough to do on a good day, so imagine how complicated it may seem if you are in a hurry. We recommend you also ask the police or the fire department for assistance if need be.

These are our suggestions for when you plan on buying a car seat, if not the perfect, then at least a close to an ideal car seat for your kids. Hopefully, this will be of some help! You can check the latest car seat models available at Mumzworld here with amazing discounts