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7 Ideas to Celebrate Eid at Your Home in Dubai

7 Ideas to Celebrate Eid at Your Home in Dubai

Eid is right around the corner, and we cannot be more excited. All the preparations, decorations, delicious tears, and brand new clothes are so exciting for both us mums and our children. Make this an unforgettable Eid and start planning to make it a memorable holiday that you and your kids will enjoy greatly. It is important to celebrate these holidays with our children to make them happy, to teach them to appreciate these family holidays, and to bond as a family. Check out these great ideas to celebrate Eid at your home in Dubai! 

Start planning to celebrate Eid! 

The first thing you need to make these a memorable holiday with your family is to make a checklist of everything you need. There is so much to do, so putting everything in writing will help you manage better and get everything done in time. Also, planning ahead for a great Eid celebration will make you more organized and help enjoy this holiday without being too exhausted. Here is a checklist of everything you need:

1| Eid Decorations 

Decorating is an essential part of any holiday and occasion. It is a way to let the atmosphere of Eid fill up your house with joy and happiness. Children also love decorating. Imagine taking the cutest pictures with your kids and family inside your perfectly decorated home. Here are some great Eid decoration ideas for your home.

2| House cleaning 

The part every mum dreads. We know cleaning is not fun. But when you plan ahead it makes things easier. You can make a cleaning schedule for every part of your house to finish and rest up before Eid. Also, you can call up a cleaning company to give yourself more time to finish your checklist and still have time to pamper yourself. 

3| Make yummy treats 

There are plenty of delicious recipes and treats that you can make this Eid. Eid Al Adha is all about sheeps, so you can make sheep-like cookies and use marshmallows for the wool. Making those yummy treats at home with your kids will be a great bonding experience! Get your aprons on and start making the best homemade Eid treats ever. 

4| Celebrate Eid with brand new clothes 

Every holiday deserves a brand new set of clothes to welcome it. Shopping in UAE malls these days can be hard with all the requirements of applications and PCR tests because of Covid-19. Check out these amazing options for you, and your kids. You can also buy matching outfits and take awesome pictures to welcome Eid! 

5| Eid gifts and toys 

No holiday is complete without gifts and toys. Buying gifts for children on these holidays such as Eid helps them appreciate it more, and it is an incredible way for you to express your love for them. You can also get toys and games that are for groups. This way you can get your family to bond and have an amazing time together.


Check out more Eid toys and gifts here.

Celebrate Eid with your kids with these gifts and toys.

6| Plan every day of this holiday 

Most people like to visit their friends and family during these days. Make a plan with your spouse to have everything go smoothly. Also, plan a fun day out with your family. You can go for a picnic at a park, a restaurant, or a theme park. 

7| Use this time to bond with your family

Eid and all holidays are a great way to reconnect with your family and friends. We bet that everyone you know, including yourself, were swamped with work and daily errands. It can be overwhelming and disconnecting. So, make sure to use this time to reach out to your beloved ones and wish them a Happy Eid and celebrate Eid with them!