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Five Christmas Essentials to Add to Your Christmas Budget

Five Christmas Essentials to Add to Your Christmas Budget

If you haven’t started thinking about Christmas yet, here is a friendly nudge, we are less than two weeks out. Presents are undoubtedly the first (and often most expensive) thing on the pre-holiday shopping list, but some festive essentials might not be the first thing on your mind. And if you don’t mindfully factor them into your budget, you might find yourself splurging a lot more than you expect.

Five Christmas essentials to add to your Christmas budget now!

We highlighted 5 things you’re likely going to need this Christmas, alongside a few easy tips to help you get them within budget.

Real or fake Christmas tree?

Real trees aren’t cheap – especially when flown into the UAE. A fake tree is often a more affordable option and will last you a good three or four years, if not longer. Having said that we have a soft spot for the smell of pine so this might be worth the splurge. Pre-order one now from one of the supermarkets as prices tend to spike when you are looking for one last minute.

Wrapping paper

You’ve either got rolls of it from previous years (most of us do, we just forget about it), or perhaps you’ll grab what’s closest to the till the night before you need to wrap all your gifts. Brown parcel paper with a plain ribbon can look rather chic and uniform under the tree. An idea is to get your kids to decorate them for a personal touch that will keep them busy while you have your hands full elsewhere.

A festive Christmas jumper

You might say you’re not going to wear a Christmas jumper – especially since the UAE holidays are tropical compared to Europe, but when someone at work rocks up wearing one, you’ll no doubt wish you’d picked up that ultra cool glow-in-the-dark snowman sweater.

Aeroplane tickets

If you are going home for the holidays, airfare gets more expensive the closer you get to your planned day of travel. Though the most attractive tickets will already have been snapped up for Christmas and New Year, it is still worth it to shop for the way ahead of the travel date.

Turkey and trimmings

The last tip is not a financial hack but one that will save you time – a currency that most of us are short on. Delicious turkeys and all the trimmings prepared by excellent dining chefs can be ordered from most major hotel chains in the UAE, giving you the time you deserve surrounded by your loved ones. We are rather excited at the very idea of it, we have to say.


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