Should You Feel Guilty About Not Breastfeeding?

Reasons for not breastfeeding can be beyond a mother’s control. Read on to know why you shouldn’t feel like a failure, no matter what others tell you. It is natural for a new mother to listen to her maternal instincts and nourish her infant as often as he/she desires. Every mother is giving and aspires […]

10 Mum Tricks to Keep Kids Busy When They Are Bored

Don’t curb your children’s creativity by planting them in front of a television. Channelize their energy in a positive way with these fun ideas. Being a parent is not easy. You must be constantly on your toes to look after your kids, run errands at home, and manage work all at the same time. Don’t […]

10 Back-to-School Hacks for Busy Mums

Whether or not you are prepared, kids need to go back to their classrooms. Don’t lose your sanity. Be a supermom with these life-saving hacks. When the schools are about to reopen, you can reimagine the morning madness. Are you trying to get over the vacation laziness and get into the usual routine?. Don’t worry; […]

Top 10 Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

Parenting is not about striving for perfection. Yet, a new year gives us an opportunity to get over our past parenting blunders and start afresh. Here is a list of top resolutions to get you started.   New Year Resolutions are those promises that we annually make to ourselves, but invariably end up breaking – […]

How to Baby proof Your Home

There are potential hazards in every nook and corner of the house. Your little one won’t know the safety rules. Let us show you how to turn your house into a secure playroom, perfect for his explorer instincts. Babies just love to get into trouble, don’t they? They sure don’t take much time to begin […]

Top 10 Tech Birthday Gifts for the Gen-Z

From Robotics to Videography, hobbies can be moulded beautifully with early-age tech toys. Digital learning is here to stay. Spoil your children with toys that are engaging and educational. Who knows what it might lead to? Your Birthday gift might be a building block in shaping his/her interest. Most kids love any type of technology, ...
Top 10 Birthday gifts under AED 100

Make every penny of your birthday budget matter by spending on thoughtful-yet-inexpensive gifts from You can show you care without spending a fortune. Choose from these age-specific interesting gifts and delight the birthday child. When a birthday is around the corner, most adults are scrambling to find that perfect gift for their son, daughter, ...
Is Spanking Okay to Some Extent?

Whether it is a light rap or a hard slap, spanking is condemned by researchers, Some parents believe that spanking has its place in disciplining a child. Let’s put the debate to rest. Let’s examine some alternatives. Most parents remember being spanked at some point in their lives. As a result,they accept it as a […]

8 sure-fire ways to handle tantrums

Tantrums are your child’s way of indicating hunger, sleep or tiredness. For older kids it may be about their inability to handle big emotions. Lets see how we can tackle these episodes without losing out. When your child starts throwing a tantrum, it is often difficult not to have a meltdown yourself. It may seem […]