How to choose the right car seat for your little one!

Looking for the perfect car seat? Our Mumz Guide has everything you need to know about car seats, ISOFIX, i-Size & more Safety on the road is the number one priority for your little one. This car seat buyer’s guide takes you through one of the most important purchases you’ll make. We will make it […]

How to Care for Baby’s Teeth

Baby’s teeth care begins before your baby even has teeth. While most, but not all, babies are born without teeth – yes sometimes babies are born with one or two teeth! – gum care from day one is essential to healthy tooth development. Caring for your baby’s gums is very simple; wiping their gums twice […]

We Are Here For You – The Mumzworld Blog

Because it takes a village to raise a child! At Mumzworld, our aim has and always been to support every mum in making the right decisions for her family. And when making decisions, knowledge is the most powerful tool any mum can have. By launching our blog, we offer mumz a window to motherhood ups […]

Is My Child Being Bullied?

Although a lot has been written about bullying – and we mean a lot – children all around the world are still being bullied and their parents sometimes know nothing about it. Bullying, like so many other things, has evolved with technology. Not to be left behind, it found its way into cyberspace causing havoc, […]

Is my Child a Bully?

It is one of the hardest questions a parent can ask themselves about their child. The child that they watched grow from a helpless little baby into what they hoped would be a good, kind person. If your child is a bully, you can help them. Admitting that they are is halfway there to helping […]

Back To School Essentials for a Happy Start

School preparations are a great way to get kids excited about going back to school! However, it is also important to make sure you have the right tools in place for an exciting start for your kids. This video will show you a number of Back to school products available in mumzworld, and to view ...
Top 10 Educational Toys for Toddlers!

Step2 Easel For Two Red The little chap's got a play date and you don't know what to do! We'll be happy to give you a clue: The Step 2 Easel For Two in an awesome red color is perfect for two! PlayGo - Junior Table & Chair 2in1 PlayGo's Junior Game/Activity Table with Chair ...
Top 10 Baby Feeding Processors

Philips AVENT Combined Baby Food Steamer and Blender Yum! Healthy, homemade baby food is now at your finger tips -- the philips AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender is perfect for every stage of weaning. Babymoov Nutribaby Food Processor Nutribaby makes homemade baby food very easily. This fabulous food processor will steam cook meals and puree ...
The Top 10 Essential Needs for Every Pregnant Woman!

Pregnancy is a journey that every mum shall go through, wither it's your first time or you already have children; it's always good to have a list of essential needs to guide you through this important phase of your life. What To Expect When You Are Expecting? This book is the world's bestselling pregnancy manual ...
Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts 2017

4moms - Mamaroo 4.0 Every mum would love this bouncy seat from Mamaroo! It bounces just like a mother, and help in soothing the baby without any side effects. Parents don't vibrate like bouncy seats or swing like swings. We believe that infant seats would be better if they replicated the natural motions parents use ...