The How To Guide for Kids This Summer

How To Create the Best Slime Slime is the thing of the moment – kids from ages 5 up to 13 love the slime. Lots of recipes have been flying around but we have managed to pin down a favourite! Slime comes in many forms, butter slime, bubble slime and slimy slime! This recipe is […]

Mindfulness for Summer

We don’t know about you, but we can’t believe summer is almost here. The prospect of endless summer days stretching ahead filled with sunshine, blue skies and lazy days is irresistible. And then, before you know it, it’s over. So, to make sure you enjoy every minute of your break, and for your kids to […]

Letter to Mum-to-be

Dear First Time Mum-to-be, You are nervous. We get it. You are probably trying not to think about it too much because you can get overwhelmed and feel like you are drowning. So, you put on a brave face and get on with the long list of things you have to get done before your […]

Should your kids do any work during their summer break?

It’s almost summer time and kids are ready to trade school bags for beach bags. Should they be transferring some of their school books to their beach bags? Chasing your kids to do their homework during the school year can be exhausting and frustrating. Do you have the strength to do that over the summer? […]

Pillow Talk Keeps You Connected

Who knew that such a teeny tiny thing can cause so much havoc in the lives of two adults? When a couple have a baby, their lives pretty much get turned upside down while they try to adjust to the responsibility, the emotions, the financials and the limitations to their freedom. And one thing that […]