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Best High Chairs in 2022

Best High Chairs in 2022

Every mum goes on a shopping spree to prepare for her baby’s arrival. From cribs to clothing to swinging chairs and feeding gadgets. However, many mums forget about getting a high chair because the baby won’t be needing it in the first few months. That is why we prepared a full guide in buying high chairs and we included the best of the best!

Why do we need high chairs? 

– Makes feeding time easier

Holding your baby during their meal is uncomfortable for both you and your baby. If you have a high chair, your baby can set up straight and digest food easily. 

– Helps you move around 

As your baby becomes a toddler and tends to move around a lot, a high chair comes in handy. You can prepare a quick snack and have your little one enjoy it while sitting in the high chair, and you can do whatever you want. In other words, it helps you multitask. 

– Lasts for a long time 

Most high chairs are suitable for children till the age of two years – and some even longer.

– They are very convenient 

High chairs are easily folded and stored. So, you can buy one good chair and keep it for all your babies. 

– Helps your baby’s independence and self confidence

When babies sit alone and try to feed themselves – no matter how unsuccessful they are – it helps them depend on themselves more rather than the mum. 

Prepare a checklist

When you buy a high chair, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1| Budget – set a budget to help you browse the chairs easier. 

2| Size – this depends on both your baby and your home. If you live in an apartment, a small chair would make things less crowded. 

3| Color – pink, blue or neutral?

4| Features – many high chairs have special features, like height adjustment, removable chair pads, cup holders, wheels and much more. 

5| Material – wood, metal, or plastic? 

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