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The Best Musical Toys for Toddlers Development

The Best Musical Toys for Toddlers Development

Did you ever notice that your toddler pays more attention when there is music? Is your toddler swinging and dancing when you play a certain song? That is a sure thing because toddlers’ listening skills develop really early. Toddlers are always paying attention to the sounds around them whether it is your voice or a song. Read more on why musical toys are important, and which ones to get.

Why are musical toys so important?

Musical toys help children develop their emotional intelligence, creativity, and speaking skills. The melodies help them relax, calm down, and they entertain them as well. Many studies proved that music and melodies help newborns grow and gain their healthy weight. 

You can turn listening to music to a daily activity for your toddler. You can rely on them also in calming your little one down, especially when using swings and rocking chairs. As toddlers grow, their musical senses develop. That is why they are so into musical toys to play their own tunes and melodies. It will be the sweetest thing you hear even if it’s just random tunes mixed all together! 

There are so many benefits for getting your toddler a musical toy, such as:

  • – Promoting creativity
  • – Boosting cognitive skills
  • Developing brain and sensory senses
  • – Enhancing motor skills
  • – Helps them to express their feelings

Which ones to get for your toddler? 

Pinkfong Baby Shark – Musical Playpad

Who does not love the Baby Shark anthem? Even us mums find ourselves humming it! Your toddler will love this musical playpad from Pinkfong. This toy features 4 learning modes: Musical Play mode, Identify Colors mode, Learn Instruments mode and Memory Game mode. This will help your toddler learn colors with the help of the whole Shark Family. Play and listen to 5 musical instruments: drums, piano, guitar, trumpet and flute and enjoy the endless hours of fun!

Winfun – Take Along Phonics Player

Using music to teach language and speech is proven to be the best educational approach to teach toddlers to speak. Enjoy the 4 turning pages which include alphabet, words, and objects. The activity modes feature 8 preprogrammed melodies and 6 realistic instrument sounds. Turning the pages helps your toddler’s motor skills and physical strength.

Dinosaur Toy With Light And Sound Green

What makes musical toys so great is that you will always find something that your toddler is into. If that is dinosaurs, then this is the one for your little angel. The Dinosaur shaking to hula hoop is very engaging. And when the Dinosaur’s neck sway, the music begins to play!

MiDeer – Castanet – Purple

Watch your little musician create amazing sounds with Mideer Castanets! Let them shine with their own tune and groove as they grip, clack together and make music with their adorable wooden castanets! Help your child develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well.

Little Tikes – Baby Bum Musical Vehicles – Buster The Bus

Is your little toddler into cars and vehicles? Then look no more, this is it! Sing along the famous nursery rhyme “Wheels on the Bus” with your toddler and watch them sway and have plenty of fun. It also rolls easily. So your toddler can play and sing at the same time.

This charming moving toy monkey provides hours and hours of fun and informative fun for your child. Toddlers will have their own band that includes guitar, drums, keyboard and microphone so that they can learn to learn and play. The included popular songs and melodies with this toy increase the child’s language skills and encourage him to say the first words.

Cocomelon – Feature Roleplay Nursery Rhyme Singing Time

All children love Cocomelon. This soft book features all the famous nursery rhymes. This adorable and plushy book is both educational and entertaining. Sit down with your toddler and enjoy the rhymes and music. It is also a perfect alternative for exposing your toddler to hours of screen time whether on television or your phone.

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