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Looking for Cartoon Costumes? We Got You Covered!

Looking for Cartoon Costumes? We Got You Covered!

As a mum, you have probably accepted that cartoons are a part of your life now, you can most probably sing word for word the lyrics of “Let It Go” from Frozen or “You’re Welcome” from Moana. From the classic cartoons you grew up on to the modern-day chronicles that we have grown to love – and let’s be serious sometimes hate when forced to endure for the 68th time this year, we have selected our absolute favorite cartoon costumes for your little ones this Halloween. You’re welcome!

Our Favorite Cartoon Costumes

Elsa from Frozen 2

Designed for every little girl who wants to be Princess Elsa from the second Frozen movie. This satin and sequin confection with its glitter, suede and snowflake touches will have you whooshing your organza cape in all directions, casting risky spells with uncertain outcomes.

Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland 

From the price tag of 10 shillings and six-pence to the pocket watch he loves to dip in his tea, this fun-filled Mad Hatter outfit perfectly captures the madness of Lewis Carroll’s original, and all those who have followed. This costume includes the mock jacket, lapel, trousers and hat.

Queen Of Hearts

Show off your little girl in the Queen of Hearts costume. This cartoon costume includes the dress, headband and tights. The adorable black and red design with the small red hearts is only fitted for queens.

Disney’s Jake The Pirate

All together now, let’s sing; “Yay, hey, no way”! This costume is adorable for your little boy – especially if he is a fan of pirates. Get your little boy is costume and let him join the Neverland Pirates in their adventures.

Minnie Mouse

We bet that no one can find a little girl who does not adore Minnie Mouse. This cute red costume is perfect with its pretty polka dots and bow to go between your Mouse ears.

Mickey Mouse in a Tuxedo

You can also match your children’s costume and have them go as Minnie and Mickey. Nothing is more adorable! This cartoon costume also includes Mickey ears to complete the look.

Alice In Wonderland

Watch your little girl get caught up in Alice’s adventures the minute she dresses up in this fancy electric blue frock! She might find herself chasing a white rabbit, squinting at Tweedledum, grinning at the Cheshire Cat or sipping tea with the Mad Hatter!


Aladdin was a big hit the past year with the new movie coming out. If your little boy just loved Aladdin’s adventure’s with the blue Genie, this is the perfect costume for him! It includes the jacket, trousers, and hat.

Little Red Riding Hood

Who doesn’t know the story of Little Red Riding Hood with her grandma and the big bad wolf? And better yet, who doesn’t love her? We bet that every mum out there have told her little girl this story one too many times. Capture the charm of Little Red Riding Hood with this scarlet cape and dress.

Rocket Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the biggest Marvel movies. Every child who saw the movie just fell in love with Rocket Racoon and his feisty and courageous attitude. Your little boy will put this costume one and prepare to defeat the toughest aliens ever.