Keeping Kids Healthy and Hydrated During School Days

Yes, we all know it. The daily grind begins once again – Wake up, get the kids ready, give them breakfast while making sure they take something healthy and nutritious to eat at school. Packing lunch is no easy task and it takes time and planning. Here are some tips and tricks to encourage your ...
Easy to Bake Muffin Mix – Cooking with Kids!

This is such an easy recipe to make with kids, as simple as a packet mix but without all the added processed ingredients. Plus, you can change them up easily, add additions to create a whole new type of muffin. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare the mixture and only 25 minutes to bake ...
Screen Time – Limits, Boundaries and Safety

In this new era, children are surrounded by technology and have more access to technology than ever before. This is something that should be celebrated and harnessed but it is also something that should be monitored and used in a safe way with clear boundaries. Let’s look at the basics: How often should children spend ...
Let’s talk about Birthday Parties, real unicorns and all!

We’ve all heard about, or been to, an extravagant child’s birthday party here in the UAE. Limousines driving children to a day spa, where they can ride side-saddle on a real unicorn and watch a private circus show, before fairies appear to personally hand each child an iPad as a take-home gift. That may be ...
10 Parenting Tricks That Make Life Easy

Parenting chores can drain your energy completely. Busy moms need every help they can get. We hope to provide some respite with these practical everyday tricks. As a parent, at some point in time you must have wished you were superhuman. Let’s face it, kids are an around-the-clock challenge. You have to constantly be on […]

10 Mum Tricks to Keep Kids Busy When They Are Bored

Don’t curb your children’s creativity by planting them in front of a television. Channelize their energy in a positive way with these fun ideas. Being a parent is not easy. You must be constantly on your toes to look after your kids, run errands at home, and manage work all at the same time. Don’t […]

10 Back-to-School Hacks for Busy Mums

Whether or not you are prepared, kids need to go back to their classrooms. Don’t lose your sanity. Be a supermom with these life-saving hacks. When the schools are about to reopen, you can reimagine the morning madness. Are you trying to get over the vacation laziness and get into the usual routine?. Don’t worry; […]

7 Tips To Throw An Amazing Birthday Party At Home

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly birthday party option or just want to celebrate your child’s birthday with your close relatives and friends in the comfort of your home, there are a lot of simple things you can do to impress your guests. Here are some easy ideas prepared by ServiceMarket, the UAE’s leading marketplace […]

How To: Combat Tantrums and Threats Like A Boss

Tantrums are like tidal waves. You see them coming a mile away and hope to avoid them if you swim to the shore fast enough. Some parents become so immune to them that you see them staring blankly at their screaming or flailing child with a resigned and long-suffering expression on their faces in the […]

6 Easy Hacks to Organise Your Kid’s Room

Have you spent long hours organising your kid’s room only to see it in complete disarray a couple of weeks later? If your kid’s room is also their playroom, then it is bound to need regular cleaning and decluttering. To make this an easy, fun process we’ve compiled some simple tricks to organise your children’s room. […]