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10 Mum Tricks to Keep Kids Busy When They Are Bored

10 Mum Tricks to Keep Kids Busy When They Are Bored

Don’t curb your children’s creativity by planting them in front of a television. Channelize their energy in a positive way with these fun ideas. Being a parent is not easy. You must be constantly on your toes to look after your kids, run errands at home, and manage work all at the same time. Don’t worry; sometimes it is natural to feel overwhelmed with pressure from all sides. Entertain your kids and at the same time squeeze in some quality time for yourself with these tried and tested mommy tricks..

Let Kids Help You with The Chores:

Set challenges that get your work done. You could start by giving them simpler tasks like helping you make the bed, fold the clothes, set the table, pick up their toys, or clean their room. Who can do it faster? Keep interesting rewards. Whatever keeps them occupied and can help you in the process is a good bet. However, make sure your chore is age-appropriate and easy to handle.

Plan a Treasure Hunt:

This may require some work on your part initially, but trust us, it will be worth every bit. Come up with a list of exciting items for your kids to find. Hide them around the house and your garden so that your kids can hunt for them. Keep the number of items restricted depending on the patience level of your kid. If they tend to lose interest soon enough, you wouldn’t want to have 25 clues. Treasure hunts also prevent your kids from languishing in front of the TV all day long.


Enjoy Some Karaoke:

Another fun way to keep your kids busy is by hosting a karaoke party for them. Set up an area with their gaming consoles, if you have any. Another option is to get karaoke CDs that you can find abundantly at any music store and let them be the next “Singing Idol”. If you want to join in on the fun, you could always sing along and treat yourself to an amazing time with your kids.

Build Them an Indoor Camp:

All you need are some long bed sheets, some pillows and a creative mind to build a cave or den or a camp for your child. The easiest way to do that is to simply drape the blankets over two chairs and make the boundaries of the den. Or, you could just leave the building up to them. Your kids can play for endless hours with their toys in their new castle. They can read comics or play pretend games. This will awaken their minds and keep them occupied at the same time. For more tips read 10 Fun Ideas To Keep Your Toddler Busy And Happy

Create A Magic Slate for Them:

While there are magic slate toys available everywhere in the market today, we suggest that you bring your own magic to this. Kids love to play in the sand and trace or scribble things in it. You could create your own version of a magic slate simply by taking a wide box and filling it with powdered sugar. You can then leave your child to trace alphabets or draw pictures in this “artificial sand” and have fun with it. Just make sure they clean it up afterwards!

Plan Innovative Games Indoors:

Indoor games are perfect if your kid is too young to be left unsupervised for too long. Use a colored tape to draw car tracks on the floor and place a cardboard box as a sort of parking station where all the toy cars can be placed. You can also draw numbers on the ground using a colored chalk for your kids to play hopscotch. The possibilities are endless. It is unbelievable for how long these simple games can keep your kids busy for hours together.

Get Creative with Playdoh:

Kids that do not love to get messy with playdoh simply don’t exist. Get different colors of playdoh for your kid so they can go on to make a purple elephant, a brown dog, or whatever they wish to. Playdoh sets are fun to play with and very educational at the same time. For this very reason, they are also used in kindergartens to develop children’s fine motor skills. So while your kids are having fun, they are developing useful skills too. Win-win!

Paint Rocks:

Kids love to paint and play with colors. For this activity, get some smooth pebbles from your garden. Get some acrylic paints or watercolors and some brushes to paint with. Let the creativity of your child take over from here and leave them to decorate the rocks and transform them into masterpieces. You can later use these rocks to adorn your lovely garden. This activity will keep them occupied for hours and leave your garden adorned with bright colors.

Give Them a Camera:

Children are an inquisitive bunch. Give them a camera and you would be surprised as to how differently they see the world from behind the lenses. If your kids are slightly older, you could let them take the camera around the house, click nature from up close or whatever meets their fancy. Appreciate your young children’s talent when they share their pics with you. Get some printed to decorate the walls of their room if you please.

Blow Some Bubbles:

Make an astounding homemade bubble station for your kids. All you need to make the bubble solution is 6 cups of water (distilled water is best), 1 cup of liquid dish soap, and 1 tablespoon of glycerin or ¼ cup of light corn syrup. For the bubble wand, just cut off the end of the bulb of a plastic pipette. You can be assured of some uninterrupted time for yourself after the kids are off playing with their new toy.

Now you know enough to keep your kids positively busy. These activities are so much better than switching on the idiot box.

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