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Celebrate World Teacher Day with These Gifts!

Celebrate World Teacher Day with These Gifts!

October 5th is annually celebrated around the world as World Teacher Day. This is the perfect day to show gratitude and appreciation for those heroes who are teaching our children. Teachers don’t only teach our kids, but they also help raise them and direct them into the right path. Celebrate this special day and show your appreciation for your children’s teachers. And if you are looking for the right gift for this special occasion, Mumzworld got you covered! 

Why celebrate World Teacher Day?

There are two main reasons to celebrate this day with your children and their teachers:

– To show appreciation.

Our children spend approximately 6 hours 5 days a week with their teachers. This makes teachers a vital part of each child’s life. They also have a great influence on their education and personal development. Being a teacher is not an easy job. It requires a lot of patience, devotion, and hard work.

We cannot deny that teachers do not always get the appreciation they deserve. Even though they work hard and do a remarkable job to bring better generations into the world. So, a simple gift on this day is a wonderful way to show them the gratitude they deserve. 

– To teach children the importance of gratitude

Teaching children to say “thank you” is what every mum works for. Expressing gratitude to those who deserve it is the best way to do so. Let your children help with picking a gift for their teacher on this day. Practice with them what to say and how to thank their teachers. This is a great chance to help kids express their gratitude. It will also reflect greatly on their personalities as they grow. 

Things to keep in mind when choosing a gift for a teacher

1| Make it special and personal

Giving someone a personalized gift is the most special. You can also get a card and address it directly to your kid’s teacher. Write down something from the heart to thank them for their great work. 

2| Include your children

When choosing a gift for World Teacher Day, include your child. Ask them to help you pick it out, wrap it, and write the card. This is a great way to teach them to express gratitude and show respect to those who are educating them.

3| Set a budget 

Set a reasonable budget for this gift. Do not spend a crazy amount of money on it, especially if you are getting more than one gift. This way you will get every teacher a gift without spending a lot of money. 

Our picks for World Teacher Day Gifts

Save The Ocean – Teacher Life Bag

Every teacher needs a special bag! This eco friendly Teacher Life bag is a very special gift for teachers. It is made of 100% organic cotton, and can be easily washed. You can make it more extra by filling it with candies or chocolate with a small card written by your little ones to thank their teachers on this special day.

Twinkle Hands – Best Teacher Ever Mug

A school day coffee needs a special mug. This is a very special mug that says the three simple words that would mean the world to every teacher.

Silsal – Mirrors Mini Vase

If your children have a favorite teacher who loves art, then this is the perfect gift. Silsal’s vases have beautiful and colorful designs, and they can be used for lovely flower arrangements or as a vase to store jewelry. It also comes in a beautiful gift box.

Learning Resources – Jumbo Teacher Stamps

This is an unusual and fun gift for Teachers Day. It will make it easier for teachers to give words of encouragement to their students. Do not forget to attach a cute card with a special note.

Pinak – Happy Teacher’s Day Floral Card

A special day needs a special card. Have your kids write down something from the heart to their teachers. You can search for lovely quotes of appreciation to help them write the perfect letter to their teachers on this special day.