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Deliciously healthy festive treats

Deliciously healthy festive treats

When the festive season kicks in, its all about indulging in sweets galore: gingerbread, sugar cookies and of course mince pies! But when you’re feeding little ones, you do want to make sure to try and keep their snacks on the healthier side.

Take a look at these Mumzworld approved healthy treats, packed with tons of fruit and veg, and fabulously festive too:

1. Cucumber Christmas Trees

You’ll need:

3-4 cucumbers

½ a carrot

Cocktail sticks

Simply slice the cucumbers into different length batons (we suggest 2cm, 3cm, 4cm and so on) and thread through a cocktail stick. Add a small square cube of carrot at the bottom to serve as the base and voila!

2. Banana Snowmen

To make six you’ll need:

2 bananas

A handful of chopped raisins

3 strawberries

6 grapes

6 cocktail skewers

Cut the bananas into thick slices and peel and cut the carrot into small triangular slivers (to serve as a nose).

Cut off the stem of the strawberries and grapes and then halve.

Then simply thread three banana pieces through the skewer, followed by a strawberry and then a grape.

Finally, press the chopped raisins into the banana pieces to form eyes and buttons and a piece of chopped carrot for the nose.

3. Watermelon Christmas Trees

 Healthy snacks don’t come easier than this one.

You’ll need:

Seedless watermelon (1/2 is plenty)

A white writing icing pen

Cut the watermelon into slices and then cut each slice in half.

To make the base of the tree, slice the rind into thirds and then trim off the pieces on either side so you are left with a tree trunk in the middle.

Then simply decorate your tree using the writing icing and let it set and serve!

4. Strawberry Santas

Very simple, and very tasty!

Fresh large strawberries, hulled

100ml fresh cream, whipped

Small chocolate chips

Cut the top part of each strawberry and set aside. whip cream, and add icing sugar if you would like it sweetened.

Spoon 1 tsp cream onto the flat berry tops, place the tip of the strawberry on the cream like a “hat”. Using a small piping bag, pipe the cream mixture onto the tip of each strawberry hat to make a pompom and onto the chest for the “buttons”. Place 2 chocolate chips onto the face to make the eyes. Refrigerate until ready to serve!


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