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Final Trimester Outfits to Help you Dress Well

Final Trimester Outfits to Help you Dress Well

Mums might feel stuck in two or three outfits during their pregnancy. This can be depressing for many mums. No worries, leave the worries of going out of style  with these timeless final trimester outfits.

Let me begin by telling you it took me two pregnancies to learn how to figure out the perfect final trimester outfits.

One of the perks of being heavily pregnant in your third trimester is that by this stage there is no confusing looking pregnant. I, for one, thought the most of my pregnancy. I looked as though I had just eaten too many pies. Until I hit the 30-week mark and there was just no mistaking the bun in the oven for too many doughnuts.

That being said, the third trimester is a time to show off the bump. With it out in full force, everything else will appear smaller. So, now is the time to wear things that are slightly more form fitted. Until now it’s been relatively easy to wear flowy and loose fitting clothes giving a somewhat waifish appearance. Is she pregnant or is it just what she’s wearing?

So, here are some ideas for great final trimester outfits

When you’re further along in your pregnancy, treat yourself to a few fun and high-quality T-shirts, only a couple sizes larger. Avoid the temptation, as a rule. The issue with buying much larger clothes is that it can make you look, well, larger. Maternity clothes, on the other hand, will be well fitted in the right places while working around the bump, so they can help you retain an overall flattering sense of shape.

Maternity pants are very comfortable and (when well-tailored) also fashionable during pregnancy. It’s all about the pants or in the UAE summer a silky maxi skirt or two.

You will be able to wear your regular shirts for most, if not all, of your pregnancy. If you do however end up buying pregnancy shirts, make sure that they work for nursing. That way they will come in handy after your delivery too. Stick to neutral tones as you might get tired of anything that’s overly bright or heavily patterned.

Consider abandoning heels for the time being as they may lead to back problems. Try comfortable flats, sneakers or booties instead.

Consider buying one of the speciality stretch garments. You can place this genius band at the top of your favourite jeans, over the poor waistband that now no longer wants to button nor zip close. The band will successfully keep your pants up, and trust us on this – no one will ever know they have been unbuttoned.

If in a pickle, you can use a rubber band and loop it over the button and through the buttonhole. It pretty much does the same minus the smoothing effect of the band, which is why the band is a good purchase after all.

If you’re feeling self-conscious about maternity wear, add your favourite scarves, necklaces and so on. Most importantly, you’ll have that beautiful pregnant lady glow with you that everyone will notice above a sartorial mishap should there occur one. Also, read our article Dressing Post-Partum. How to Look Good and Feel Good.