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Everything You Need to Know about C Sections

Everything You Need to Know about C Sections

Some pregnant mums give birth through a C section. That can be due to her own choice, or other reasons like a doctor’s recommendation. In general, most mums wonder about C sections once they know they are pregnant. So, what is a C section? Why would pregnant mums need it? And how to prepare for a C section? You will find all the answers here. 

What are C sections?

A cesarean section is an operation to deliver babies. During this operation, doctors cut through the mum’s abdomen to deliver her baby. This is an a;ternative childbirth method to the normal one. In addition, if the mum chose to get a C section, she will go under it after completing 39 weeks of pregnancy. That is to make sure the baby is fully grown and ready to go out. However, some mums might get one earlier if necessary. 

Why would pregnant mums need C sections?

1| That’s what the mum wants. 

Some mums do not want to experience the pains of natural childbirth. Even Though they can get an epidural for the pain. Therefore, she chose to get a C section as her childbirth method. 

2| No cervix dilatation. 

One of the most common reasons for needing a C section is having little or no cervix dilatation. This common medical reason makes doctors push for a C section rather than natural childbirth. The reason they do so is to relieve the mum from the extra pain and discomfort. And to protect both her and her baby from any complications. 

3| Having twins. 

Having twins sometimes is a reason for doctors to give mums a C section. Especially if one of the twins is in a position that might be risky for either of the twins. 

4| The baby’s health. 

Another medical reason for choosing a C section is when doctor’s the baby’s health is at risk. Like finding the baby’s heartbeats unusual. Or that the baby is not getting enough oxygen. When the baby’s health is under critical situations, doctors perform an emergency C section to keep the baby safe. 

5| The baby’s position. 

Some babies are born in a breech position. Meaning that they are positioned bottom first rather than head and shoulders. Such cases might require a C section because this position can cause complications or risks. 

6| Trouble with the placenta. 

Doctors tend to perform a C section if there are any health issues with the placenta. Like an incision or infection. They tend to do so to protect both mother and baby. Also, if the placenta was out before the baby, it can cause risks or complications. 

7| Trouble with the umbilical cord.

Also, if the umbilical cord was positioned around the baby’s neck, doctors will rush the mum into a C section. 

8| Previously getting a C section. 

Usually, if a mum gave birth through a C section one time. Doctors will recommend another one for the next. 

9| Complications with the mum’s health.

Finally, if the mum has any health issues that might put her at risk. Like high blood pressure or heart issues. Doctors will view a C section as the better and safer choice for her and her baby. 

How to prepare for C sections?

Before deciding on a C section, make sure you listen to your doctor’s recommendations. If you both are in agreement, here is what you need to do to prepare for your C section: 

  • – Prepare your C section bag 
  • – Pack your newborn baby’s hospital bag.
  • – Stack your fridge with healthy foods like soups for postpartum.  
  • – Visit your doctor before your delivery date and run all the necessary tests. 
  • – Check in with the anesthesiologist and know your anesthesia options. 

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Are there any side effects or dangers? 

Going under an operation means there is a chance to face certain side effects or dangers like: 

  • – Postoperative complications. 
  • – Getting a hernia. 
  • – Wound infection. 
  • – Internal bleeding. 
  • – Longer recovery time. 

Having said that, there are plenty of things to do to avoid all of the previous. That is why we recommend that you always consult your doctor and keep the conversation going. Also, you must listen to your doctor and follow all instructions to make a full and speedy recovery.