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Frequently Asked Pregnancy Questions

Frequently Asked Pregnancy Questions

Doctor visits and checkups become a regular thing the minute you know you are pregnant. After nine months of checkups and tests, you are at the last stop before giving birth. And normally, you will have so many pregnancy questions for your doctor. Here are the most frequently asked pregnancy questions to seek their answers from your doctor. 

Pregnancy questions to ask your Doctor

There are plenty of pregnancy questions that go through every pregnant mum’s head. The answers help you prepare and understand your needs during pregnancy. These five questions are the most frequently asked question by pregnant mums: 

1| What to eat during pregnancy?

Your doctor will provide you with a list of foods that you should include in your diet during pregnancy. This list will also include what foods to avoid. Those diets differ from one pregnant mum to another. It all depends on what your body needs to stay strong and keep both you and your baby healthy. 

2| Is having intercourse safe when I am pregnant? 

This is an important question to ask your doctor. That is because it can be safe, but sometimes it might not be. Many other mums would say it is, but again, things differ from one pregnant mum to another. So always rely on your doctor’s advice. 

3| Do I need special supplements during pregnancy? 

There are plenty of pregnancy vitamins and supplements to help you through your pregnancy. Not only do they keep your body healthy and strong, but they also help your unborn baby’s growth. Ask your doctor what kind of supplements and vitamins you need to keep both you and your baby happy and healthy. 

4| Am I allowed to workout while I’m pregnant? 

Every pregnancy is different from the other – we cannot stress that enough. Working out while you are pregnant is good. And many mums maintain their active lifestyle even when pregnant. But sometimes doctors recommend bed rest more than moving around depending on many factors. 

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5| Is there anything that can obstruct natural childbirth? 

In some cases, doctors can tell if childbirth is going to be natural, or might be a C-section. This decision is made based on many factors such as the baby’s health, weight, and gestational diabetes. 

Questions to ask during your last trimester

By the end of your second trimester, you will have a different set of questions in mind. After preparing for your baby’s arrival and getting all the essentials you need, ask your doctor these questions: 

1| What can make childbirth easier?

There are simple things you can do to make delivering your baby easier. One of them is certain exercise that makes giving birth easier, such as squats, pelvic stretches, and reverse breathing. You can know what to do by asking your doctor what you can do to prepare your body for childbirth. 

2| When should I head to the hospital? 

There are certain signs that can tell you it is time to head to the hospital. But first, ask your doctor about those signs and how to tell them apart from false labour signs. 

3| Is my doctor going to be there? 

This depends on the hospital’s policy. For sure, you will have plenty of nurses and a midwife to help you through. You can arrange things with your doctor to be there when you give birth. Stay in touch and contact your doctor step by step the minute you feel you are going into labour. 

4| What to eat and drink before giving birth? 

Ask your doctor this because you never know how long your labour can take. It can take an hour or two, or even more. 

5| Who can be in the delivery room with me? 

Some pregnant mums forget to ask this till the moment they go into labour. To make things less stressful, ask who can be there with you in the delivery room. Some hospitals allow husbands, some allow a female escort like your mum or sister. Make sure to know who can be there with you to stay calm while you are in labour. 

6| Can I breastfeed directly after giving birth? 

Some hospitals have a policy to directly bathe and feed newborn babies. Ask if you can breastfeed your baby before giving him or her a bottle. Also ask if there are ways the hospital can help you breastfeed your newborn baby. 

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Pregnancy questions to ask before childbirth

1| What to do if I am late from my due date? 

Some mums do not deliver exactly on the set due date. Doctors recommend waiting 10 days when mums do not deliver after the 40th week of pregnancy. It all depends on both you and your baby’s health and medical status. In certain cases, a C-section becomes necessary. Ask your doctor about this and what to expect if you go past your due date without delivering your baby. 

2| Do I have any options to reduce labour pains? 

Yes, there is. Like taking certain sedatives or an epidural. Ask your doctor what is best for you, and make sure the hospital you are at provides it. 

3| Are there any tips to help me through labour pains? 

Many doctors and hospitals suggest certain exercises or sedatives to make labour less painful. Check out if there are childbirth classes to help you prepare for the actual thing. 

4| What medical interventions should I expect during baby delivery? 

Ask your doctor about what medical interventions you should expect during childbirth and after. Knowing this puts you in the clear and you can remind the nurses or midwives about them.