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The four best types of exercise for pregnant women

The four best types of exercise for pregnant women

Swimming (and it’s closely related cousin, water aerobics) is the perfect pregnancy workout. How so – you might ask. In the water, you will weigh less than you do on land, so you’ll feel both lighter and more flexible. A quick dip in the pool may also help relieve nausea, sciatic pain, and puffy ankles. Just make sure to be careful when walking on slippery surfaces (in and around the pool) and step or slide into the water rather than diving or jumping in. 


There’s no more natural exercise to fit into one’s schedule than walking and it’s a workout that you can continue doing right up until your delivery date (and even on D-day if you’re anxious to help along with the contractions). What is even better is that you don’t need any special equipment or a fancy gym membership to participate — just some premium sneakers. The weather is cooling down as we speak (or perhaps this is still wishful thinking). Either way, the walking season is just ahead of us instead of behind us, so we are rather excited for each degree drop. 


Want to walk but faster? That’s running for you – something that is utterly pleasant when done by the waterside (here’s looking at you Kite Beach). If you are an experienced runner, you can stay on track (and terrain) during pregnancy. Newbie runners – pick a gentle stroll on the treadmill and lap up that air-conditioned fresh air. If in any doubt if you should be running, please consult your doctor. 

Group dance or aerobics classes

Low-impact aerobics and low impact dance workout classes, like the once-upon-a-time very popular Zumba are a  super fun way to increase your heart rate and get those endorphins flowing if you’re an entry-level exerciser.  As your abdomen expands, avoid any activities that require a lot of balance. If you’re an experienced athlete, simply listen to your body. Happy moving!