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Should I exercise during pregnancy?

Should I exercise during pregnancy?

You are pregnant! Wonderful news, congratulations! But are you asking yourself: “Should I exercise during pregnancy?”

Now you suffer from nausea, your hormones went crazy and you gained weight, which is not so wonderful. Together with other symptoms, your body starts changing and you may desperately wonder: “will I ever have my pre-pregnancy body back? Should I exercise during pregnancy? I might hurt my baby if I do.”

Let me tell you something: exercise during pregnancy is the right thing to do, and it will make both you and the baby happy and grateful!

If you were active before pregnancy the best thing you can do is to continue being active. Of course, you will be gradually slowing down as the pregnancy progresses; and if you have never been active, you can start with some light activity like yoga, swimming and walking.

For both groups – active or inactive, most important rule is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY as it changes rapidly and you are the only one who knows what is the best for it.

Any physical state of the body ,  whether  it is a complete laziness or a proper prescribed activity in prenatal period is effecting your child’s health and character; to put this in simpler words; active mum = happy baby. Remember that MUM because your baby can feel every action, every mood, every sensation, stress, anger, happiness that you are experiencing.

The best thing you can do for both of you is to START WORKING OUT – NOW!

Below are the most common benefits of exercising during pregnancy:

“Gaining less weight”

It is inevitable to gain weight during pregnancy. What you can do about it is to “gain less”. Every kilo gained during pregnancy affects the baby’s weight and increases the chances for an individual to be overweight or obese as a child. In case of adults, weight gain increases the possibilities to get asthma and or diabetes.


By working out, your body releases serotonin and dopamine, the hormones of happiness. Which improves your mood and helps you be more positive throughout the day, but makes your child realise that being active equals the happy mood!


These are a common problem during pregnancy, but if your muscles are active they will better support your spine and you are less likely to feel those pains.

Labour and delivery

It will be easier to go through labour and delivery, as stronger abs and a fit cardiovascular system can give you stamina for the pushing stage.

Gestational diabetes
You will lower the risk of having gestational diabetes! Because the easiest way to regulate your blood sugar is through exercise.

These Advises are provided by Trainer Vladan Velojic