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How Can I Keep my Bathroom Clean in 10 Minutes?

How Can I Keep my Bathroom Clean in 10 Minutes?

We all have cleaning chores that we just dread. Some mums dread washing the dishes, others hate doing the laundry. And other mums absolutely hate cleaning bathrooms. And that is completely understandable. Therefore, we got a few hacks to help you clean your bathroom perfectly within 10 minutes. 

Before we dig into these hacks, we got a few tips to make your life easier

1| Stick to a cleaning schedule.

This will make your life so much easier. For every day of the week, assign yourself a chore to do. For example, Thursdays are for bathrooms, Fridays are for dusting, and so on. When you do so, you won’t waste a whole day cleaning and feeling powerless by the end of it. It will also keep your home clean all week with no hassle. 

2| Use high quality cleaning supplies. 

Cleaning materials are usually chemical. That is why you need high quality ones to protect both yourself and your family. So when choosing cleaning products, make sure they are organic and eco-friendly

3| Assign tasks. 

Mums are strong, and they can do it all. But that does not mean they should. Assign tasks to both your kids and your husband. It is important to make them share the load to teach the importance of maintaining a home. You can set up a board with everyone’s tasks written down on it. Also, you can turn it into a race with rewards to those who finish first.  

Now it’s time for the best bathroom cleaning hack! 

One: choose the right products 

There are plenty of great cleaning products that are both safe and highly effective. Each part of your bathroom might need a different cleaning product. And that might sound like a lot, but it will cut down cleaning time in half. Make sure to get cleaning supplies that are for multi surfaces, like Dettol’s all purpose liquid cleaner. Or for special use like sinks or toilets only. Like Dettol’s bathroom cleaner

Two: spray it all 

Those cleaning products usually need a minute or two to set and do their magic before you wipe them. So spray your toilet, sink, shower or bathtub and leave it set for the time it needs. During that you can do other things like cleaning the trash or wiping the mirror. 

Three: wipe it, wash it, polish it

After those few minutes pass, clean it all up. We recommend starting from the toilet to the bathtub or shower, and end with the sink. Use a good cotton cloth to get all the dirt and dust off your bathroom. Some mums feel they need to use more water. In this case, we recommend having a bucket filled with water and two clothes: one wet and one dry. First use the wet one until you feel you are good to go, then dry it all up. This is much better than pouring water because first it saves water. And second, it gives you less to do, so you can finish up faster. 

Four: do the floors 

Get a good mop that is designated for bathrooms only. Use it to quickly mop up the bathroom floor. Also, use scented floor cleaners to give your bathroom a fresh and clean scent. We love this scented Dettol floor cleaner

Five: add a little aroma 

A fresh clean bathroom needs a fresh and beautiful aroma. You can use an air refresher or scented candles to get that. 

And there you have it. A clean bathroom within 10 minutes only! 

Here are some unusual hacks for cleaning bathrooms

1| Use shaving cream for mirror cleaning. Not only will it clean them thoroughly. But it will also stop steam from fogging the mirrors. 

2| Get a cotton pad, soak it with your favorite essential oil, and place it in the bathroom’s trash can. This way it will smell good all the time. 

3| Open up your toilet tank and pour toilet cleaner in it. Let it set for a few minutes then flush it. This will clean your toilet inside and out. 

4| If you have any clogged pipes in your toilet, sink, or shower – use hot boiling water. It will unclog the pipes with no time. You can do extra and pour down the pipes white vinegar and baking soda, let them set for a bit and then pour boiling water over them. 

5| If you are a neat freak who loves shiny toilet fixtures, then we recommend using baby oil. Get a piece of cloth and pour some baby oil on it. Polish the sink, toilet fixtures, and anything else you want. The results will amaze you!