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Why Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

You may already be buying organic produce for when you prepare nutrient-rich meals for your family. What about cleaning products and cosmetics? If you choose to ”go green” in this area of your household,  chemicals will no longer be absorbed into the skin or inhaled in by the person cleaning.



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Studies have recently shown that using a generic supermarket brand of a  household cleaning spray, even as little as once a week, might significantly raise the risk of developing illnesses like asthma.

When you use overly many cleaning products, harmful chemicals are being released into the environment. In other words, the old trustworthy rule of ”less is more” applies. 

It came to us as a shocking piece of news, but we have read up on some conventional cleaning products and how they may pose risks such as chemical burns to the cleaner’s skin and eyes. Let’s not go down the line of little ones mesmerised by the colourful liquids that might be left within reach for a mere moment.  Luckily the ”green” cleaners aren’t corrosive and meet strict global standards with regards to risk of inhalation toxicity and inadvertent skin absorption, basically kid-friendly. 

Lastly – investing in green products also makes perfect sense for if you are a Boss Mum successfully running your own company.  The previously unjustified high cost of environmentally friendly cleaning products has become a lot more competitive and cleaning in an environmentally friendly way may reduce the risk of sick days for employees.