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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Mother in Law

How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Mother in Law

Your mother in law is an essential part of both you and your husband’s life. We always hear stories about mother in laws, some are funny and enjoyable, others are the exact opposite. Maintaining a good relationship with her means your life will be less complicated or stressful. In order to do so, make sure to follow our tips below.

1| Try to avoid conflict with your mother in law

Our opinions on some matters are completely different from our parents. From food recipes, to maintaining homes, organizing kitchens, and to raising kids. If you receive a piece of advice from your mother in law, try to appreciate it and be grateful for it. Even if you won’t take it. Avoid starting an argument or disagreeing with her. Because after all, those pieces of advice are coming out of care for both you and your husband. So, thank her for the advice, avoid starting a heated conversation, and end the discussion with a grateful smile. 

Those bits of advice usually come when one of you is visiting the other. So, no matter how overwhelming things get. Keep reminding yourself that eventually everyone will get back home and live their lives as they want to. So, our advice to you is to keep her happy but stirring away from disagreements and heated arguments. 

2| Remember, she’s also a mum

We admit it, some mums in law involve themselves more than they should in their children’s lives. They overly interfere with every tiny detail that might make things a little annoying for you. However, try to remind yourself that she is a mum, just like yourself. She loves her son just as much as you do, and only wants what is best for him. 

Also, even if you detect a hint of jealousy, try not to put it under the microscope. As mums, a big chunk of our lives revolve around our kids. And when they get older, and become independent from us, that might actually hurt us. And that is why some mother-in-laws act this way. They feel they are no longer a vital part of their son’s lives which makes them act out. Therefore, we recommend you understand how she feels, and sympathize with her. This will help you build a great bond with her. 

3| Sometimes your husband needs to stay out 

Every mum wants to see her son in a happy marriage. Where his wife loves him and cares for him. That is the natural maternal instinct every mother has. But even so, a public display of affection in front of your mother in law is not always smart. Showing that off in front of her might annoy her or provoke her jealousy. So try to act neutral when she is around. Don’t be too stuffy, nor too lovingly. 

Furthermore, avoid complaining about your husband to her. After all, he is her son, and she will take his side. As will you if someone came complaining about your son. In case you need advice on dealing with a problem with your husband. You can always turn to your mum, sister, or friend 4| Ask for your mother in law’s advice 

4| Ask for advice from your mother in law

Asking for advice or help from your mother in law is not a sign of weakness. Nor is it bad for you. On the contrary, she will appreciate you relaying on her for tips and advice. For example, call her to take a recipe – even if you think you can just google it. Or ask her on baby related topics, like gas or colic. Both our mums and our mother in laws love sharing old wisdom on how to take care of newborn babies. 

Remember, you might not always use the advice she provides. You might find it not helpful at all. But keep that to yourself. And keep your mother in law happy that you asked for her advice and help. 

5| Gifts are always appreciated

We all love gifts, right? And your mother in law is no different from the rest of the world. Get to know what she likes most, and get it for her. Whether it is kitchen appliances, clothes, makeup or perfume. You can also book her a day at a spa if she loves to be pampered. These small gestures will make her so happy and will strengthen the bond between the both of you. 

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Always remember that your mother in law is important in your life. She is your husband’s mother, and your baby’s grandma. So, it is ok to go out of your way every now and then to avoid conflict. And keep a good relationship going on.