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Keep your Skin Moisturized During the Summer

Keep your Skin Moisturized During the Summer

 Everyone wants moisturized and hydrated skin, right? We all go through so much to ensure that. With summer knocking on our doors, our skin is more exposed to dehydration and skin roughness. So, adjust your beauty routine as the weather heats up and use those great tips and tricks to keep your skin moisturized. 

How to keep your skin moisturized during this summer? 

You need sun protection.

This one is the most important and most obvious hack for keeping your skin healthy during summer. You will need sunscreens, sunglasses, hats, and lots of water to avoid skin damage and heat strokes. 

Upgrade your cleansing routine.

Summer is a season for outings, tanning, swimming and sweating. This all plays a part in effecting your completion. We recommend a 3-step cleansing routine to keep your skin moisturized and healthy looking. 

  • 1| Use oil-based cleansers. 

  • Oil-based cleansers are great for cleaning your pores. It balances the skin and locks in the hydration you need. Using oils instead of traditional soap or detergent cleansers is all the rage nowadays. That is because it has great outcomes in keeping skin healthy and fresh looking. 
  • For oil cleansers, you can make them at home using olive oil or castor oil – which are the most common. You can also use sweet almond oil or argan oil. Simply add a tablespoon or two of your choice of oil and apply it to your dry skin. Massage your skin softly and thoroughly and then wash with a damp warm washcloth. This step will remove makeup and scrub up dead skin cells.
  • 2| Gentle cleansers

  • Foam cleansers are the most gentle ones for your skin. Instead of getting a creamy or soapy texture cleaner, you will get a nice gentle foam that penetrates your skin deeply and cleans it completely. This step ensures your skin is dirt and oil free and prepares it for the final step: moisturizing. 
  • 3| Apply your moisturizer 

  • To choose a perfect moisturizer, you need to know your skin type. You can either do that by yourself or check with an expert to pick the perfect one. Anyways, the previous two steps cleansed your skin fully and prepared it to moisturize and take it all in with zero barriers. 

Exfoliate works wonders. 

During summer, your skin is more visible to all kinds of things. Dust particles in the air, chlorine in swimming pools, and direct sunlight. These all play in drying your skin and making it a little rougher than usual. That is why we recommend exfoliating. It cleans up your skin, and not just your face but your whole body. It evens out your skin tone, and rids your skin of all gunk and dead skin. Moreover, exfoliating is great for: 

  • – cleansing pores. 
  • – preventing acne. 
  • – boosting blood circulation through your body. 
  • – it increases cell turnover. 
  • – It stimulates collagen synthesis.

And all those play a huge role in giving your skin a soft and smooth texture throughout the hot season.

Stay cool at all times

The best thing to do during summer to protect your skin is to simply stay out of the sun. Avoid sitting for long periods in direct sunlight. Drink lots of water and fluids. And refresh your skin by regularly washing your face with cool water or using mists. Skin mists can help cool you down while delivering extra moisture to your skin. 

You can either buy one, or you can make one yourself. 

How to make a refreshing and cooling facial mist?

  • You’ll need: 
  • 1| A small, clean and empty spray bottle. 
  • 3| A peeled and finely grated cucumber. 
  • 4| Rose water.
  • What to do? 
  • Extract the liquids out of the peeled and grated cucumber by mushing it with a spoon. Strain it and pour the liquid into the spray bottle. Add the rosewater to the juice and shake it well. 

This mist is so refreshing and cooling. It also keeps your skin hydrated and nice smelling.

Keep a mini fan at hand. 

One of the great ways to keep cool in the summer is to always have a min fan around. This portable little gadget will always keep you cool and sweat free.

Switch to makeup removing wipes 

With makeup removing wipes, you will get a cleaner face with less scrubbing. Using cotton pads and liquid makeup during the summer might do more damage than good.

Wear your makeup wisely

We suggest switching to waterproof mascara and eyeliner, and creamy blusher instead of powder. Also, consider skipping the foundation and replace it with a BB cream. BB creams have SPF which protects your skin from sunlight. Plus it has a less heavier texture than a regular foundation. This will give you the glow and smoothness you want from a foundation while also protecting your skin. 

Share with us more hacks and tricks to keep your skin hydrated and glowing throughout the summer!