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Summer Makeup Hacks: 10 Tips for Long Lasting Makeup

Summer Makeup Hacks: 10 Tips for Long Lasting Makeup

Summer means heat and humidity that does not do well for skin or makeup. Especially if you live in Dubai, where humidity can be unbearable. In fact, runny makeup is every lady’s worst nightmare during those hot days. Luckily, our experts have 10 tips in store for you for great and practical summer makeup hacks. 

10 Summer Makeup Hacks

1| Use a good moisturizer. 

Moisturizing during summer is very important. It is one of the most essential summer makeup hacks to keep your skin healthy and protected. Therefore, make sure you choose a moisturizer that is fit for summer heat. You can do so by keeping in mind: 

– Texture 

Moisturizer texture can sometimes overburden your skin. It might not let it breathe as it should if it is too heavy, especially during summer. Also, using a heavy textured moisturizer during summer can make your skin super oily – which is something you want to avoid. The best moisturizer to use during summer heat should be light, smooth, and hydrating. 

– Formula

Secondly, choose a moisturizer that your skin can quickly absorb. You need a cream or a serum that quickly sinks into your skin to keep it soft and healthy. This will allow your skin to breathe and stay hydrated. 

– Ingredients

When we talk about staying cool in summer, we think about ice, cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves. Why? Because they are refreshing and help us stay hydrated and cool. The same goes when choosing a summer cream. Before buying one, you need to chock the ingredients and make sure they are suitable for summer. For instance, creams with aloe vera, vitamin H, and hyaluronic acid help hydrate your skin. And keep it cool during the highest of heats. 

2| Second summer makeup hacks: always always wear sunscreen. 

We all know the basic rule for sunscreen: use it all day, every day, outdoors and indoors. In addition, experts suggest we should not rely on makeup as a protector from the sun. But rather use a good sunscreen, and apply it before wearing any makeup. This is to allow the skin to absorb it fully.

3| A good primer is everything. 

If you are planning on spending a day outdoors with makeup on, then you need a good primer. This means a primer that will protect you from heat, sunlight, and humidity. In fact, applying primer is an essential step when wearing makeup both winter and summer. A primer is important because it acts as a protection shield between your skin and makeup and sweat. It also prepares your face for the next steps of your makeup routine. As it closes your pores, reduces unwanted shininess, and hides any wrinkles or facial lines. In short words, it gives your face a clean and smooth look when you are done applying your makeup.

4| Keep your makeup light and simple. 

The more layers of makeup you have, the more mess it can create during summer. In fact, this is one of the most important summer makeup hacks. It will leave your skin looking messy and not looking as flawless as you would want it to be. This happens especially when using heavy full coverage foundations and concealers. 

The best way to avoid a messy summer look, is to use light products. Like BBM creams, and colored primers rather than transparent.

5| Bronzer is essential when it comes to summer makeup hacks. 

Experts believe that bronzers with a gentle shimmer are made for summer. Not only do they give a gorgeous glow under sunlight. But they also contour your face and features. Use a good bronzer instead of a blusher to get a natural and effortless makeup look.

6| Stick to light or pastel shades. 

Let us agree on this, dark colors do not do well during summer. Whether it is a summer day or night, you need light and fresh colors to get that summer look. We suggest sticking to pastel shades, nudes, and less shiny shades. This will give you a natural and breezy look that goes with summer time.

7| Use eye primer for long lasting eye makeup. 

Many ladies skip eye primer, which can create a little trouble for their eye makeup. To get the best result, apply eye primer on your leds, then apply a light layer of transparent powder. This way, the colors you use for eye shadow will pop and be long lasting.

8| Choose waterproof makeup. 

Summer time means more water activities, and more sweat. So, you need waterproof makeup to keep you away from runny makeup. You will be very grateful for waterproof mascara or eyeliner when you go swimming or take a walk during summer days.

9| Lip gloss is essential for summer makeup hacks.

Matt or creamy lipsticks are timeless. But they are more suitable to some places and occasions than others. That is why, experts believe that lip gloss is a great choice for all day summer makeup. Use a pink or transparent lip gloss that has a subtle shine to get that perfect summer look. 

10| Never forget about setting spray. 

Finally, one of the most important summer makeup hacks is using a long lasting, waterproof makeup setting spray. This spray will help set your makeup, and create a layer that keeps it from running.