How to Eat Healthy Over the Holidays

How to Eat Healthy Over the Holidays

The holidays can never be complete without a festive feast full of carbs and fatty foods, followed by all kinds of rich and sweet desserts. After all, food is a very crucial part of the holiday celebrations. And while, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a little indulging, it’s still good to watch what we eat. We’re all for it giving into our cravings, but making sure we’re doing things in moderation and staying healthy. It’s okay to enjoy the things we love and it’s important not to feel guilty. Especially now, during the holidays when all we can seem to crave is pies and carbs. Tis the season, right?  So we’re here to help you stay on track while still enjoying all the festivities! Here are our top tips to eat healthy over the holidays.

1- Start your day right

If you know you’ll be going off track, then the least you can do is start your day off on the right foot. That means a big glass of water, and a big hearty breakfast, the kind that’s fit for champions. This way you’re full, and are less likely to snack or go for quick and unhealthy fixes to satisfy your hunger. Definitely don’t forego breakfast, or any other meal. In fact, the worst thing you can do is skip a meal.

2- Stay Hydrated

Never ending cravings are often a sure sign of dehydration. So make sure you’re constantly drinking enough water. Sometimes our body has a funny way of confusing thirst for hunger. So staying hydrated is a sure way to curb the constant trips to the refrigerator. Keeping a reusable bottle by your side is a sure way of remembering to drink water.

3- Keep yourself busy

Sitting at home, with nothing to do is just asking for trouble. You’re sure to be eating from mere boredom. So instead, try filling your time with ways to relish the holidays, other than baking Christmas cookies! We have a variety of super fun board games and mindful activities that the whole family can enjoy.

4- Snack Healthy

Keep whole, and healthy snacks at arms reach. Maybe not exactly at arms reach, but at least keep them readily available. From nuts to raisins to granola, your possibilities are endless.  Opting for snacks of this kind that will actually fill you up, over chips and chocolate. If you get a savory craving, you could try one of our favorites, the Eat Real. They make a variety of healthy-ish chips that will satisfy that cravings.

5- Work in some Exercise

Find ways to incorporate some exercise and fitness. If you know you won’t be doing your usual full work-outs, there’s no reason to abandon your fitness entirely. Instead, add in some fun light activity, like Yoga, into your day, this will maintain your routine and make going back to it after the holidays much easier. It will also ensure that you’re staying healthy during the carb carnivals.

6- Find healthy alternatives

The Internet is literally full of healthy substitutes for all our favorite dishes. Find alternatives that you know will work for you and your family.  Some recipes you’ll hate, others you won’t even notice the difference. It’s also fun to try new things and could make for a nice family activity!

7- Take your time

Don’t waste your appetite on calorie-rich foods that don’t mean much to you. Focus on the foods you really love and enjoy and wait before going for seconds. Our brains need 15-20 minutes to signal that we’re full. Can you believe that?  So, don’t rush back to the buffet just yet.  Take your time enjoying your food and eat slowly. Savor every bite not only equals more enjoyment but more importantly, knowing you’re more likely to stop just as you’ve had enough.

8- Portion Control

Two words here; marginal utility. The more we have of something, the less we want it. It’s like when you have the first bite of a chocolate bar, it’s everything you’ve been waiting for and you want to keep eating it. And then, towards the end, you’re wondering why you ate it in the first place. We’ve all been there. So don’t force yourself to keep eating something you’re not enjoying. To avoid so much leftovers and being wasteful, try to control your portions so you don’t end up overeating.

9- Load up on Veggies

There are so many delicious ways you can cook your vegetables. Adding in your favorite spices or making vegetable based dishes are both great ways to enjoy veggies you and your kids would otherwise be ignoring.

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