Why Choose Organic?

Why Choose Organic?

While we can’t limit all of our children’s exposures to toxins in the surrounding environment, we do as mums have a say in the food they eat. And one of the best ways to limit their exposure to these chemicals is to choose an organic diet. Because of the persistence of pesky pesticides in the environment, no food is 100% residue-free, but a decade of research on the matter shows that organic food has significantly lower pesticide residues than conventional food.


Your kids will get more of the good stuff too if what you feed them is predominantly organic. A recent study comparing organic and nonorganic dairy production found a medically significantly higher concentration of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids in organic products. In other


Naturally we are aware that going 100 percent organic can be a hefty increase in your monthly food costs, but the general rule of life (and motherhood) applies here – we believe in simply doing the very best that we can. If you introduce one organic meal a day as well as opt for healthy organic snacks, then you’ve made a significant difference to your family’s eating habits. We also have a confession to make – some of the fruity kiddie snacks are so tasty that we have been known to finish them before they make it to the designated lunchbox. Now we know to simply order double next time around. Happy snacking!


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