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Top 7 Must Have Products to Go Zero Waste

Top 7 Must Have Products to Go Zero Waste

Very few UAE residents knew about the concept of zero waste lifestyle when in 2016, Sustainability Tribe started raising awareness about zero waste, plastic-free lifestyle. Fast forward to 2019, now there are many zero waste warriors in UAE, and many businesses like offer the products which can help with zero waste or less waste lifestyle.

Here is a list of top 7 must-have products, if you want to reduce waste and live a healthier lifestyle.


1. Reusable water bottle

If you are buying bottled water, you need to know these facts. Price of bottled water is up to 1000 times the cost of tap water. The production of water bottles uses 17 million barrels of oil a year, and it takes three times water to make the bottle. Plus, you can’t recycle plastic bottles infinitely so in the end plastic ends up either in a landfill or in the garbage patches in the sea. Invest in a good reusable water bottle which you can carry with you and refill instead of buying bottled water every time.

2. Reusable coffee mug

Most take away coffee mugs, and their plastic lid is challenging to recycle mainly because they are lined with plastic film. Also, it’s healthier to drink hot coffee from stainless steel or ceramic than plastic coated cups as plastic can leach in your drink.

Invest in a good quality reusable plastic travel mug, nowadays it’s easier to get take away coffee in your reusable cups.

3. Reusable Straw

Disposable plastic straws mostly end up directly in the sea after use and hurt sea animals like endangered green turtles. There are so many campaigns are happening recently around the world to ban plastic straws as these tiny things are becoming a significant threat to the natural food chain under the sea.

Either you can avoid using straws or invest in a good reusable stainless steel or bamboo straw.

4. Reusable tote bag

This is a must-have product for everyone. We get free plastic bags in UAE after shopping. UAE consumes 1.5 million plastic bags annually. Most of these bags are not recycled and end up in landfill adding to harmful emissions. Or the plastic bags ending up in the sea are ingested by sea animals become life-threatening for sea life.

It’s very easy to carry a few foldable reusable tote bags in your handbag or car whenever you are going for any shopping.

5. Reusable snack box

It’s better to store food and snacks in reusable steel or glass containers as plastic containers leach chemicals in food. Plus homemade food is much better for the environment instead of buying ready to eat food from outside. That way you can reduce packaging waste, food wastage and also can choose freshers, healthier ingredients. With reusable snack box, you can reduce the use of plastic cling film, aluminium foil, plastic zip bags etc.

6. Reusable cutlery

This goes without saying when you are packing your lunch or snack make sure to pack reusable cutlery as well. Don’t depend on single-use, wasteful, plastic cutlery.

7. Compost bin

This is another must-have product to reduce organic waste going to landfill. There are many options of compost bin available in the market to suit your requirements, or you can make your own compost bin out of a big plastic container. These compost bins provide good organic fertiliser for your plants and help you grow your organic garden.