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Meet Mona Ataya: Mumzworld CEO

In depth interview with Mona Ataya, the Founder and CEO of In this interview Mona Ataya talks in depth about the story behind launching Mumzworld, her childhood, her entrepreneurship journey and how to survive in today market.

Who is Mona Ataya?

She is a leading entrepreneur and a role model within this region. In 2013, she was listed among the 100 Most Powerful Arab Women by Arabian Business and was listed among the most powerful Arabs, next generation in 2013. Mona Ataya has always been resilient and ambitious.

Her Path in the Market

To grow her skills, she started a job at P&G. Then, started working for Johnson and Johnson. Later, she became one of the co-founding members at While raising her 3 children, she discovered a gap in the market and couldn’t find enough support for mothers who needed advice and help with their purchasing decision.

To address this need she founded Mumzworld, the leading ecommerce website for mothers across the region. Mona Ataya talks about her passion to empower mothers and make a difference to the community.

What is Mona Ataya’s Vision

Firstly, is to empower mothers. Secondly, is to support them in their search for objective information and product in order to make the best choice to raise their children. Her vision is to eliminate the lack of empowerment Mona Ataya faced as mother and write out a plan for mother’s where they are raised, empowered, and positively influenced.

Favorite Piece of Advice

Mona Ataya believes in going after what one wants. She also believes in taking in highs and lows, learning from them all and being grateful to both loss and success.

“Your responsibility as a human being is to take it in, to learn from it, be grateful no matter what it is, and to move to the next step”

The Entrepreneurial Journey

To Mona Ataya, the motivation is never making money. Rather it is about touch points and collecting pieces of a puzzle that one is building up. Her motivation is not instantaneous, but it is a build up of skills, networks, and opportunity. Most importantly, it is a leap of faith emerging out of passion, conviction, and a desire to do right.

What inspires Mona Ataya?

Mumzworld CEO is inspires by the belief to create one’s own faith and destiny. The notion of figuring out anything is what guides her and inspires her every day. Bravery, creativity, courage, and loyalty are also characteristics that inspires her especially when selecting employees.