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Mumz guide to different Back to School models

Mumz guide to different Back to School models

This school year is brand new territory for all of us. It’s like no other year before. With Covid-19 still on the horizon, there’s a bit of confusion as to what the academic year will look like and parents may very well still be deciding on just how their kids will be going back. Is it full on physical attendance, full on homeschooling or somewhere in between the two? Here is Mumzworld guide for mumz to navigate different Back to School models

Fully Back to School

If you decide you and your child are ready to step back out in the world and fully return back to school then we have just the right things to make for a worry-free transition!

From masks, to sanitizers, to labels, we’ve got you covered! Everything you need to keep your mind at ease while your child is at school!

Products to keep your child safe at school  

Online Learning

This is the choice for parents who are still somewhat anxious about sending their kids back to school and feel more comfortable with homeschooling. Luckily for you, we have a selected a number of products and gadgets to support your home study environment and turn your house into the perfect classroom!

Homeschooling comes hand in hand with e-learning and gadgets. This means that protecting your child’s eyes from harmful blue light is absolutely necessary!

Smart products to ease the online learning 

Half Homeschool Half Back to School

If you’re still not sure it’s good to talk to the school administration and get some insight on the general landscape of the school year. What are the precautions the school is taking? Are they good enough for you? If not, how will e-learning be done?

Also, it’s very important to keep your child in the loop, talk to them and get some insight on how they’re feeling. Are they just as anxious as you and would prefer staying home or are they looking forward to meeting their friends in class? Perhaps a compromise would be good to appease the both of you.

No matter what decision you make we’ve got your back! With any road you choose, you’ll find a variety of products that will help make that decision easier so you can be 100 percent confident.

Smart products to ease the blended learning 

For School Advice on how to prepare your child for back to school during Covid-19 season, check out this article :How to get your kids ready for back to school