How to get your kids ready for back to school

How to get your kids ready for back to school

Your kids have been out of the classroom environment for what feels like forever, especially with the homeschooling that went on during the pandemic. But now summer is almost over and school is just around the corner. If you’re planning on sending your kids back to school it might be time to start subtly getting them back into the swing of things.

How do I prepare my kids for back to school?

1- Early Mornings

I think the first thing parents have trouble dealing with is the early wake up call.

Your children may have been allowed to sleep in over the summer, but now that school is starting, it’s time to start their days early!

Don’t wait till the day of school to get your kids up in the morning. Chances are they’ll be tired from having slept late the night before. Instead, get them into the habit of waking up early a week before school starts. This way you’ll have their sleeping schedule back on track in no time!


Yes it’s technically still summer, and maybe not really fair to assign your kids homework BUT it’s not going to be a smooth transition from all-day play to sudden school work! There are a ton of educational games, books and toys you can use to ease your child back into academics! It’ll also get them excited to go back to learning about the things they love!

Here are some products that might do just the trick!

3- Exercise!

If your child has spent the past few weeks lounging around watching NETFLIX, then it’s definitely time for some outdoor family fun! It’s good to them moving, they’ll have a lot more energy and exercise has been shown to affect academic performance positively so win win!

4- Time Management

Start re-programming your child’s afternoon activities. Instead of coming back home from school and throwing a tantrum over wanting to play, they will already know what is expected of them. They can’t be spending their days leading up to school watching their favorite movies all evening!

5- Joint-Shopping Trip

Shopping for school supplies is sure to build up the excitement for back to school! Have your child pick their favorite back-pack color or lunchbox design, and even the supplies they think they might need! Your little scholar won’t be able to wait to use everything they’ve ordered!

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