Mum Hacks right from the source!

Mum Hacks right from the source!

Mumz thrive on tips from other mumz. Nothing beats experience when it comes to daily practical tips, and tried and tested ones are precious for any mum to help her cope in those moments when she closes her eyes and wishes that she had the ability to click her fingers and find herself sitting in a spa somewhere!

We found some mumz kind enough to share their top hacks for dealing with situations that come up when you have kids!

I always have a white top/t-shirt in my car – if I get thrown up on, spat on, peed on or snotted on, I can change my top. It has to be white because it matches anything. (A.K, 3 kids)

A bag with many activities and games for the kids to keep busy, if we are in the mall or at a restaurant, I always have something to keep them occupied. (R.M, 3 kids)

I always have a small pouch with me that has a small towel, tow band aids, and one of the sample perfume – if they fall, I use the perfume as antiseptic and put a band aid, the towel is for wiping whatever needs to be wiped! (N.C, 2 Kids)

My car is like a house, I have everything in there – a first aid kit, a full set of extra clothes for each kid – that includes underwear and socks, snacks, blankets and a towel – and an umbrella! (A.A, 2 kids)

My biggest worry is being stuck in traffic and one of the kids needing the bathroom – so I have an empty plastic bottle of water in the car for the boys, and the portable potty for the girls! (N.A, 4 kids)

I always have music in the car that the kids love; it distracts them from fighting. If that doesn’t work, I resort to candy that they never have access to that is always in my bag – namely tic tacs and ice breakers! (Z.S, 2 Kids)

I travel with a portable pharmacy – everything from Panadol to insect bite cream, thermometer, eye saline solution to antiseptic cream, I have it. Worst thing is being away from home without access to familiar remedies. (Z.K, 5 kids)

I always keep arnica with me – for bumps and bruises, and Dettol wipes – I have three boys and those are the two items I use the most! (N.C, 3 kids)

I used fairy dust! I always had glitter in a pouch, a rare supply of course, that I would use if they needed that extra courage to do something, or when they were hurt and crying. Worked like magic! (L.T, 3 kids)

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